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My buddy and I are spinning up a server, and as part of that process we have created a custom base in the 3D editor, and edited down the .sqf file ready for upload, but having now spent the best part of 3 hours looking for information on how to upload and activate the .sqf on a Vert server I am turning to the community for a high level guide.

The server is vanilla Epoch, running Cherno map.

So 2 questions,

1. Where do I upload the .sqf (do I need to unpack a pbo? and if so where is it?)
2. Where do I call the sqf, and what is the syntax?

Keep it simple for us, we are total n00bs at this!!

Thanks in advance..


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  1. download and unpack the @dayz_server/addons/dayz_server.pbo
  2. make a folder called custom in it
  3. copy your created sqf file into the dayz_server/custom folder
  4. Open up dayz_server/init/server_functions.sqf and at the bottom add in this line
    execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom\customfilename.sqf";
  5. repack your dayz_server folder into the pbo and upload it back into your @dayz_server/addons folder
You COULD put the file in your mission and include the file into your mission folder and in your init.sqf it would be the execVM "customfilename.sqf"; but that increases the size of your mission file and since the files need to run on the server only (or else there will be multiple copies), the dayz_server.pbo is the logical place to put them.

Related info:
open the file you made and saved and make sure you delete the character that you had to create to save the file as well as any of the side and group commands. What you want to be left with is just the blocks that look like this
_vehicle_1 = objNull;
if (true) then
  _this = createVehicle ["MAP_runway_main", [4891.1533, 2406.1135], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  _vehicle_1 = _this;
  _this setDir -60.061348;
  _this setPos [4891.1533, 2406.1135];
and at the bottom of the file will be 3 lines. Delete them all except for processinitcommands; That way you can add some init commands to the objects in the editor and they will be executed from your file.
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Thank you very much for your detailed post ShootingBlanks, I am at work at the moment, but as soon as I get a chance I will see if I can locate the correct .pbo's.


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OK, couldn't wait until I got home, so logged into the tcadmin console from work... keep in mind I have to go through the Vert Hosting tcadmin console, so I am guessing that the pathing and whatever layer is between the admin console and the server files may skew things a little.

I am assuming that the mpmissions\epoch.Chernarus.pbo would be where I create the Custom folder, but I cant seem to find dayz_server/init/server_functions.sqf

My best guess is @EpochHive\a3_epoch_server.pbo\; I can see several .sqf files in the init folder, but none of them are called server_functions.sqf. Here is a list,

<---this one maybe??

anyone hosting with vert care to point me in the right direction??


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you are,lookin for a file called dayz_server.pbo
it is NOT in the mpmissions folder.

the a3hive would be the place but did i misread somewhere and you are using arma3 epoch? much of what i said will apply but some,wont. i have never seen an epoch arma3 server so i cant help you . the epoch arma3 site would be better place to find answers


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Thanks again for your reply, and sorry for not mentioning the server is Arma 3 Epoch!.. I will seek assistance elsewhere.


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or you could look for the sheeps repack I don't know if he posted it here or not but he gave up ARMA 2 and was sporting his ARMA 3 pack for epoch. That would have custom buildings in it at least you would be able to see how it's done.


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There is no DayZ reference of any kind in Arma 3 Epoch. I too have Vert. Capt if you have not already solved this, I would try asking the guys at Vert. I am learning as I go as well, they have been so very helpful. Bear in mind they are in New Zealand and so there time zone could be hours difference to yours. For me in the states they are 12 hours ahead.