Next Map to Do Next ?

Vote for your preferred map to have the street lights done on next.

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Voting for Celle since we are just in the process of setting up a Celle server and have gone for the night time setting for the higher % of our possible players. I've already added your building lights to our test server with fog as well and we will hopefully be going live with it soon:)


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I'm voting for Taviana mostly because that is the server I run and also if the whole highway would be lit up that would look truly awesome :p
Do not want to ruin any Tavi voters but since their almost to an end of updating the map to 3.0 with latest dayz implementations, it might be for nothing. I have however voted for namalsk simply due to the fact that namalsk is to be played at pitch black nights to enhance the creepyness, however, there are a lot of players who don't want to play at pitch black night maps, making them lit up some streetlamps would totally change that behaviour.

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So far the maps that have been done are : Chernarus, Celle and Taviana (scroll down the thread for Tavi, released it tentatively as it required some tweaking due to the large amount of lights)..

Next up is Lingor, then Namalsk..

Been a bit busy with 'normal' work, bills still need paying :) Will get on this over the weekend..


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For dayZ Street Lights. I need to create a map of the streetlight objects for the lights to work. (Only so many options so have picked the most popular maps according to dayZ Commander):
Amazing work :) I tested this on chernarus and it looks great. However I run the #1 fallujah server. Very popular (the only Fallujah server being used really) and would love to see this on there when we do nights. Using house lights and full moon but this would make it perfect. I voted fallujah but damn I am ready to pay if you can do it very very soon. Could you release a tuturial on how to make this for future maps and such?