No option to select Celle in ArmA 3D Editor?


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Hey all!

First I have to mention that Celle is one hack of a kick-ass map.
Really beautiful, lots of wonderful wood ideal for hiding cars, etc. etc.

Here the question:
- Can I edit the Celle map in 3D editor like Chernarus, Taviana and Lingor?


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One why i found to do it (might be an easier way) is to just join a random Celle server and when you get to the lobby just esc out to the main menu and then try the editor there

Hope this helps


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I tried it again without joining a server and it seems to work fine....
Just launch dayz itself using DayZ Commander with the -mod=@mbg in your launch parameters. Celle should then be available in the list of maps you can choose after pressing Ctrl+e at the main menu.
OR just start arma2 and select @mbg in the expansions
or create a shortcut to arma2 and add -mod=@mbg to the end
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -mod=@mbg