Not sure why this happened


So I've been asked to build a cave, and have done so. It is a cave over the main coast road and railroad tracks. I've put vehicle wrecks, signs, light posts, billboards and other pieces in and around the cave, and I think it looks pretty damn good.

Problem is when it is uploaded to the server, all the stuff in the cave and most of the surrounding foliage is not loading, leaving it looking barren and quickly done.

The method of uploading was just taking the .sqf file, placing it into the server file, and placing a line to initiate it inside of the server_functions.sqf

Am I missing something here, cause every other map addition had worked. I thought maybe it was because I'm putting objects below many rocks, but I don't see how that would be a problem if it loads perfectly in the 3D editor.

Also, would loading it a different way work better, like using the .Biedi file? I don't know how to do it that way, and haven't found any clear tutorials on how to.

Thanks for your time!


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Without more information, the only thing I can think of is you're adding additions to a mod that they aren't supported on, therefore they dont appear. What mod are you using? You want to use SQF for sure, and it sounds like you're calling it correctly too.
Everything loads up fine in your map editor ?


Sorry for the delay.

I found out that there was somehow a duplicate of my character loaded.

So when I deleted the vehicle that I had loaded, and the main character, I didn't realize there was one more duplicated character half way through the code...derp o_O