Origins Server 1.71+ 1.785 miniClient


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Someone in the other thread said they were using modded 1.71+1.785 server files to work with the existing client files on Dayz Commander.

I will see if I can get more info. Would make it much easier for people to join instead of having to mod the client files too.
Where is this thread, i cant find it.
i have take a look at the github and see that you have forget a file in the installP folder.
it needs origins_pack.pbo and this is your problem with building.
Fixed. Installed your files directly from your download link.
I am working with Guthub support to find out why I can't upload anything.
Will update Git once I can get it working again.
Github should be up to date now. There is a bug in the Windows version, so support has forwarded it to their dev team to repair.

I had to also unpack the \installP\addons\origins_pack.pbo before uploading to git as it was too big.
I included a copy of Pbo Manager in the gits so that you can pack the folder after you download the files.

Download links are in my signature for easy access.
Well, i want to thank you MajorPain. I downloaded your files and got the server running nearly instantly. Really great job you´ve done here. I would love that this project would go on. Those pussys will never release the server files so we have to do it our own way.
I suck at the coding, but I am going to work on adding a little surprise.
If I can manage to rewrite some of the code properly.
Going to the cottage this weekend and I don't have the time during the week, so the next couple weekends I will be trying to see if I can mange to get it working.


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start "arma2" "Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -beta=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -nosplash -mod=@DayzOriginsP

start "arma2" "arma2oa.exe" -nosplash -mod=@DayzOriginsP

you can edit it with rightklick+edit
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