Origins Server?


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well... that escalated quickly... :D

they couldnt get enough money out of the project to stuff it up their asses anymore...
they just got what they deserve... imho :cool:
Also, the only remaining host of Origins, LFS has said that they're not renewing servers after their current payment period which would suggest GP and LFS were the same entity. So in a month or so, the only servers running origins will be Epoch Origins servers, keeping the dream alive 2014 ;)



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We should work with what we have and bring origins back to it's glory, as a community driven project, without GP.
but what for? so GP sees its a success and decides to carry on again and to sue everyone who worked on the project because they never gave it free?
We should let Origins die in a massive fireball and not give them any more time in the spotlight.
would be the one and only option in my opinion...

let it die... bury it... and then make a new similar project... with a brand new name for sure... so these gp fuckers have absolutely no legal rights on it...