Overwatch Database Format

I don't like Epoch and have no interest in an Overpoch style server; I want the Vanilla experience without the fake/ban clothing, vehicle, and weapon restrictions the Mod Team applied.

After years of running Dayz Vanilla, I want to set up an Overwatch server (possibly a private dedicated server to start with) and had a hive question:
I know that Scrumbee isn't supporting the mod any more and I have done some searches, but can't seem to find anyone who has updated the Overwatch files to support the newer (DayZ / Reality) database format. The files for the server look to be in Bliss format (if I remember the formats correctly).

Before I start building out the config, I want to make sure there is no option for the new format. I'm looking at the Base Building Mod 1.3, (I this ran on pre-Vanilla 1.8.5 for a while) which supports either format.

Thanks for any advice and support in advance!
Database works fine as it is, everything syncs with it as far as I know. We had the BB1.3 running with it and it was fine. I dont run an Overwatch server but I have all the mods setup locally for testing and ... I dont know, I prefer this DB format. What would be the benefit of changing to the newer schema?

I have to say that a straight Overwatch server would be good, the zombie sounds are well worth it.
I had a lot of SQL for the new format for Chernarus Vanilla I will just need to re-do for the older format, and in case there ever is a newer Overwatch version that is on the new format I would be already on it. Well in any case, I will build the hive on the included schema and move ahead. May move to a different map for a change anyway .. thinking about something with more enter-able buildings Celle or Taviana. Thanks for the advice!
to keep things straight .. I didnt give any advice ... I gave a statement, an opinion, a question and another opinion. :D

BTW: In case you dont know, there is an error in the dayz_server update objects (or some other file of that nature, cant recall which) that doesnt let the tents inventory update or something ... has to do with the UID and ID's ....
you can,fix,the above error.
another issue was they updated the code to 1.8.3 (i think) but forgot to update the server monitor ... i fooled with fixing this stuff 2 years ago with mixed results .. but my knowledge was limited