Private Hive Tools [PHP]


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new version 1.02 will comin soon...

- ADDED        itempool and item classname find & select box.
- ADDED    simple BEC whitlist.txt editor (over ftp)
- ADDED    livemap for chernarus
- ADDED        permission system
- CHANGED    epoch trader editor rewritten. will now use the tids from your "server_trader.sqf" through parsing. (no more instance troubles)   
- CHANGED    design
- CHANGED    blacklist items infoboxes can now activate / deactivate, to fix problems due slow database connection
- FIX        missing setDir (mission parser)
- CHANGED    reality "world_id" will now selected from "instance" table
- AND        some changes in the code, i hope the most bugs will be fixed now


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Great improvements Nightmare! Really loving this, an the speed of the tool is is back :)

However one bug.
When you list a class name in the vehicle editor, only one vehicle of each class name is displayed.
Hi all!
the tool work perfect but i have a bur or smtg.
There is a BIG delay(?) with DB data from local mysql base and private hive tools site. + when i restart my server the unique players always changes.
And all killed players ar showen as killed bandits.
Any resolve ?
thanks, Endreu
grrr, tool_settings problem whenever I try to open it up? I am a bit noob when it comes to apache thingy, I can get the SurvivorStats up and running nicely but not this Private Hive Tool can anybody help me here?
Great work nightmare!

Got the same problem: No players are shown on the dashboard and there are no players in the dropdowns on the whole page (Teleport, Surviror Editor, etc).
I manage to install it but idk how to get all informations in order to do the tutorial so i think its why i dont see players and many stuff. Can someone tell me how to get informations plz?