Private Hive Tools [PHP]

Hello, I would like to first thanks for this great tool, and ask for help about the 3D SQF parser, I managed to find out how to add the buildings but don't know how to remove them nor where they are added. If someone could help me out.
Could someone give me a quick step by step to edit player inventory? I have tried but it does not save. I'd like to know how you need to add things that would be in the inventory or on the tool belt.

Even better, does anyone know of a GUI inventory editor that works with epoch? I can't find one for some damn reason.
For some reason, after it is able to create almost all of the database objects (it doesn't seem to populate the tool_admins table), the code fails. I get a quit message in the MySQL log after the insertion of the data into the tool_settings table. It seems like when it hits the redirect after that part of the install code I end up receiving a MySQL authentication error.

Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

This is the same login information that was used successfully by the code to create and populate the database tables, and the install page successfully tests these login settings before the install. Maybe somehow the code is mangling the password or something? Any ideas how to fix this?

I have this for my Epoch server and it is beautiful. Any chance this works for DayZ 1.8.1, or are there plans to update it to work with the new release?
Any one know why everything but "players/characters" work with the tool? Ive tried with with phpmyadmin on my local machine and on verthosting both work but not seeing any "players/characters".