Private Server Files -updated- includes Dayz, Epoch, Overpoch, Overwatch

I had to help someone setup a private server again and thought I would update pwn0zors private server pack to include current versions of Epoch, Overwatch and Dayz.
  • Dayz 1.8.7
  • Epoch 1.05.1
  • Overwatch 0.2.5
The actual "mod" files are not included because they are larger in size. You can download from my website at and get any Dayz version from

To install:
  1. Create a folder named "dayzserver"
  2. Copy the contents of Arma2 into dayzserver folder
  3. Copy the contents of Arma2 Operation Arrowhead into the dayzserver folder.
  4. Download the Private Server files from my github
  5. Unzip and copy the private server files into dayzserver folder. Final layout should look like this.
  6. Download any mods you want and copy into the "mod" folders (they are currently empty)
    1. @dayz
    2. @dayz_epoch
    3. @dayzoverwatch
  7. The databases are already configured and populated. You do not need to run any sql files.
  8. Start your server with the supplied batch files. It will start the current version of mysql and then the server. Remember to close the mysql cmd window when you shutdown the server.
  9. You can add any maps such as @taviana to the dayzserver folder and then simply add the map folder into your batch files -mod= parameter.
the @start_mysql.bat file starts ONLY the mysql server so you can edit the database without starting a dayz server, do NOT run this before starting your server as mysql server is started with the dayz server and you cant have 2 servers running.
An installer for Mysql Workbench is included in the MySQL folder. This is the official client for MySQL servers created by Oracle. Very full featured and highly recommended.

Is this your first private server? IMPORTANT FYI in STEP 6 ! The private server files included the SERVER FOLDERS which contain your dayz_server.pbo and hiveext.dll files. You must download the actual mod files!