Problem with day and night.

Problem with day and night.
The clock is working differently for each player.
If it is night for me now, when a new player is connecting to it will be day.
If it is night for me now, when I die, turn into day.

How do I do so that the server time is equal for everyone?
My server will restart every 4 hours.

Thank you!


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I used to have this problem when I ran accelerated time. It was 3 hours of day, 1 hour of night, then restart brought it back to day. Unfortunately when you died it would be day time for a few minutes until the script ran again ( I believe it ran every 10 minutes). Never did find a fix for it. I gave up on it because honestly I can't keep people on the server if I run nights , even if they're only one hour long.


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Make a script that checks the players time and sets it to the server time, run it every 5min or so, that's how I fixed it at least,

Another option is to use a admintools script that sets day/night and fire it of for each player when they join,
Egif night=true;


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Yea the accelerated time script was adjustable but ran every 10 minutes, so if you died within 10 minutes it'd be night again. Wasn't the worst thing but it confused people.
That second idea sounds really good though.