Problem with my second vilayer dayz server

Hello, I currently have a vilayer Arma 2 dayz package server for my PvE overpoch server. I decided to get another one and copycat the PvE server but make this one PvP, since I do miss PvPing.

I bought the second server yesterday, received the provision complete email and logged into it on my control panel. Once the service was setup the only things I did was, goto into the control panel and went to the new service. Opened addon manger and installed BattlEye, server messages, uninstalled dayz chernarus, and installed overpoch. I have not messed with any server files at this point. I should also say the PvE server is located in Dallas, and the new one for PvP is located in Chicago.

I opened Arma 2, went to multiplayer and remote, entered the IP address and clicked ok. My server did not show up. I either filter search or remote search the IP for my other server and it shows up fine. I decided to look in launcher for the new one, launcher shows the new server name, shows players 0/0 (even tho it's a 30 slot server), ping was 9999 and it did not show a map name. I tried loading it and it went right away to waiting for host.

I uninstalled overpoch and reinstalled it just to make sure that was not the problem. I looked at the error report, nothing looked out of the norm from my other server except the two last lines. See bellow

18:17:20 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303
18:17:21 Connected to Steam servers

I do not get that in the RPT on my established PvE server.

Also I did enter a ticket to vilayer, but if you have ever used them before, you know it can take along time for them to answer.

Any help would be great

Thanks mike
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Thank you for your help shootingblanks. I did some googling and I am still lost, have no idea. Some of what I read sounded more like it was for a dedicated server versus a game layer rental from vilayer or another host.

I am completely to stupid for this type of stuff lol.

I did. I ended up chatting with them yesterday on live chat. I guess their was a problem with the node I was on communicating with the ISP. The person I talked to swapped my server to a different Chicago server. I then had a issue with it today and live chatted again and had that problem fixed in a few minutes.

So as of now i'm having no problems with it.
They must just hate me. I had no issues, then one server went down so I kept submitting tickets to get it fixed. they ALL went unanswered. I had a $45 balance so I asked for that to be refunded to me. No answer. So I finally just figured I was never getting the money back, so I rented another server I will never use just to waste the money.
Guess what? Its been a month, they got their money, the server has NEVER been up. Eventually I will post all the tickets and the full story.
You can see here is been registered for 2 weeks. Its active. But its unavailable. Its never been provisioned even though its been paid for and the tickets are ignored.

Okay. So I just checked out the live support chat and they got this server running in 10 minutes. I asked about the previous few months issues and was told that they had some internal issues and had to replace their entire "backend" and were just overloaded.
So all appears fixed and well with vilayer ... for now anyways.
Man I think you have had worse luck then me. It does seem like they have alot of hardware problems, and get bad DDoS attacks that brings down nodes. When did they get the live chat thing? I have never noticed it until the other day.

Glad you finally got your service running.