Ps5 ps4 cherno server


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Lost and Forgotten

- PS4 PS5
- Cherno map
-Unlimited stam
-build anywhere is on
-Full trader with all your Dayz needs
-24/7 raiding
- no confusing, complex rules
- friendly and fair staff
- PVP factions based server
- Starter building kit for new factions
- Colored weapons; Custom weapon spawns; full built vehicles/ weapons
- Well boosted; not extreme, but you will not be hurting for loot
- 32 slot server
- Experienced Staff Team, we all have experience at every level of running DayZ servers.
- Discord currency that includes the ability buy items from the trader; NO REAL MONEY WILL EVER BE REQUESTED FROM THE PLAYERS for donations/ in game items, etc
- A generally old school DayZ experience