1. W

    (New - US - PC) Project ALPHA PvE | Heavily Modded | Futuristic | Mutants | Keycards | 50K Start - Active Staff, Easy Experience, Beginner Friendly

    Our DayZ Server features well crafted modifications, heavy gameplay enhancements, and awesome refined core mechanics. We're open to all feedback and consider every players ideas. We care for our players, and would love to have you try our servers. More information on which modifications, our...
  2. Irrenhaus

    [DE] Irrenhaus PvE w/ PvP Zones - Namalsk | NO KOS | Loot+ | BBP | Drugs+ | Strong Ai | Hordes | Airdrops | Ai Missions | Trader | Banking | KOTH | Sp

    Welcome to the frosty world of Irrenhaus! On this primarily targeted at German speaking but open for all PVE server, nestled in the icy expanses of Namalsk, where the cold seeps into your bones and the wind howls like an unforgiving specter, you are sent on a journey of survival and discovery...
  3. M

    [PC] *NEW* Gen Apocalypse 31 | DeerIsle | 50kStart | Boosted Loot++ | Mods+ | Helis |Vehicles | & more

    # Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! # About us: = We are still a pretty NEW server = This server has been worked on alot for about 2 months but we opened up in late september! The playstyle here is to spend some time on the server. For example grinding, setting up bases & more... Wiping is...
  4. L

    New DayZ Server looking for players and groups to help us popoulate. Join “Chernarus Law” PC Server

    Hello everyone we are looking for players, groups, or factions to join our new community and populate our DayZ PC server which is getting lots of good player feedback “Chernarus Law” Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server NEW US PC 1PP PVP Search : Chernarus Law IP
  5. A

    The Coalition

    Hello All . I have started a PVE / PVP server. The name is : " The Coalition PVP/PVE " We have created a pretty fun and exciting adventure for you and your friends to come and partake in. We have plenty of mods that we believe you will love and enjoy interacting with along your adventures. We...
  6. K

    Archon PVE - PVE only - PC | Loot | Hunt | Drugs | Helis | Missions | Hordes | BBP | Many mods | Helpful admins

    SERVER IP: - Chernarus SERVER IP: - DeerIsle Now on a fully dedicated high spec server Having played on many PVE servers we've taken the experiences we've enjoyed the most and created a friendly community PVE server featuring some of the best bits...
  7. S

    TheForsakenLandsRelaunch2021 - FRESH WIPED (Read Description)

    |TheForsakenLands|PvE|PvP-Zones|Helis|Cars|Drugs|+More IP We shut down due to some personal issues and we are BACK!!!! Looking for a server Look no further if you're looking for a survival experience? scavenging from house to shed looking for gear, food, water. We have A...
  8. I

    BLissZ #1 PvE/PvP | AI | Hunt | Loot | Custom Zones | Weapons ✨

    Hello people, Would like to invite you to a new PVE/PVP server with some twists and turns in the good sense. The server is mainly intented for people who seek the challenging aspects of a PvE server combined with a big dynamic PvP zone that changes every day. It is also...
  9. J


    SEVERANCE US1|3PP|PVP/PVE|100K|Helicopter|Missions+|Drugs+|Chernarus|CustomAreas|WeekendRaid|Leaderboard|SpawnSelect|Trader|Airdrop|Guns+|Cloth+|Autorun|ATM and more.ip: Come taste the apocalyptic-themed adventure of survival and fear the wrath of the undead. Create communication...
  10. Coffee

    HDN PvE | Heli | Cars | NoStam | AirDrop | Trader | 50k Start| Drugs | SpawnSel | Custom Zombie/Monsters | No Vh Dmg

    BRAND NEW SERVER Dedicated box i7 Processor 32GB Ram Hard DayZ Night PvE Over 50+ Mods Think you have what it takes? Custom Zombies/Monsters Custom Map Edit's Become a farmer a Drug Baron a Taxi Driver or simply be Unemployed The choice is yours, your game, play it how you like... Friendly...
  11. S


    Tiny Union! (FRESH 1.10)|SURVIVAL+|PVE|PVP ZONES|HELI'S|CARS|TOXIC ZONE Welcome to Tiny Union! We are a new DayZ community focused on testing players survival, while also encouraging players to discover more of the game. There is so much more than just PVP! Established October 2020, we aim on...
  12. S

    Patriots Paradise - DeerIsle RP/PVP/PVE Balance | PlayerTraders

    Features - Player Controlled Traders - Toxic Zones- Tremendous Loot - New Weapons - New Vehicles - New Clothing - Only Building Rules - PvP Kos Allowed (Recommend RP - Growable Drugs for RP - Standing safely on moving Vehicles - BaseBuildingPlus - Tons of New base items - Bounty Hunting -...
  13. S

    Great server PvE & PvP zone WINTER Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS)

    Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS) IP - Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building & BBP...
  14. S


    Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building, BBP, great community and added vehicles and high tier weapons, Drugs, plus much more please...
  15. R


    Hello fellow survivors! Are you seeking an RP/PVP DayZ experience that you'll crave more of every day? A nontoxic community that integrates any kind of player? A modded server that configures your survivability to a new level? This is just the server for that! We are accepting both veteran and...
  16. C

    Requiem DayZ Server - Xbox ONLY - Fully working Discord

    Welcome to Requiem DayZ We are a new DayZ server with a few mods to improve quality of life and add a new dynamic to the base game. We use the Livonia map and have 3 main factions in our server which are seperated from base raiding and compete in the killfeed leaderboards against each other...
  17. S

    FORSAKEN LANDS (New Server Hardcore Vanilla style with minimal added MODS) PVP & PVE Zones

    Hello Everyone, just thought I would drop by, a server that is Fresh and near complete if your looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with a few minimal extra added MODS please check out [UK] Forsaken Lands giving you some PVP & PVE Experience , PvP zone North of the river, PvE...
  18. S

    New Server!! The Walking Z

    The Walking Z | LOOT++ | ATM | PvP ZONES | 5K START | TRADERS | hello everyone this server is a PC server based in the uk. we have a small player base right now but were looking for more people to make it fill up and create bases. when you join as a new survivor you will start with 5K and when...
  19. G

    [EU/UK] The Walking Z|PvE|High Loot|Missions|Roaming AI|Coins|Active Admins|Semi-Militarised

    TWZ - The Walking Z Overpoch Server Server IP: Discord Here Website: Here Please vote for us Vote For Us ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Top Server Features: Full Day / Night cycle with Time Acceleration. (No Voting) Build Limit based off humanity. Custom PvP Zone...