Q 1: How to make bicycles respawn after every server restart?


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Good evening fellow forum members and scripters,

I can`t have decent sleep for a week since I started to make finally my own server. I had already my time for rage and tears, but I can manage. Step-by-step and slowly, I already managed to put Gcam, protective dome, debug monitor and refueling system on.

Please, I beg you and it`s very hard for me to understand.

GOAL TO ACHIEVE (Overwatch 0.2.5):
Put on stationary bicycle camps near coastline as an alternative to toolbox bicycle spawn.
Toolbox bicycle spawn is just a little bit too unreal.
Where I can get 5 bicycles and put them next to a road. They must respawn back after every server restart but not making other vechiles do the same. So when a player abandons his bicycle taken from the camp in Berezino, then after the restart his bicycle will dissapear and spawn back in the camp. But it must not affect other vechiles.
I can manage to put permanent marker in the map and also build a camp for bicycles but im just too confused to understand the vechile spawn rules.

I beg you, please help me. Step-by-step. It`s very hard for me to understand.

Sincerely yours,
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