Quarantine Feature list and explanation (Public test soon)


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tl;dr There is (Daiymo's) base building (will be improving it), new building interiors (Around 10), blood trails, a story (WIP), and customizable weapons. (This is the features that need to be highlighted for those lazy readers.)
Note: Story is optional to follow, not necessary to complete or do.

Hi, today, after roughly 3-4 months of work, sharkking and I present Quarantine.

Quarantine is set in Isla Duala after biochemical warfare between super powers, Isla Duala was hit, all electronics were shut off and the rest of the world is unsure of what happened, your mission, is simple, survive.

Feature list
- African Zombies
- Many new interiors (1+-10 buildings) (Thank you DayZ Sahrani team for letting us use some)
- Daiymo's Base building (Along with our own custom models)
- Blood trail
- Zombie AI improvments (In terms of aggro)
- Awesome loot spawns (as in look underneath tables) (Thank you Epoch team for letting us use your loot position grabber tool)
- Color Correction
- Respawn button causes you to shoot yourself in the head (Thanks Grazhal, shame I lost my first script :[ )
- New Tent models (a tent you can actually *gasp* enter)
- Story (WIP) we know how we are going to implement it, we just have not written the dialogue but we have the plot lied out
- Immersive enviromental sounds (credits to Hifi)
- Weather changes (similar to DayZero's new fog, except for I just changed on variable so the pea soup fog CAN occur, but not every five minutes)
- Awesome loot spawns for wrecks
- Self-Bloodbag (Credits to Krixx)
- New weapon textures (credits to lazyink and ValleyNL (Marc)
- Some performance improvments (Boost of around 3-5 fps, not much but we plan to gain at least 10)
- Salute replaced with wave animation.
- Other features which I can't think off the top of my head.

As always: Screenshots
Basebuilding (got lazy only made walls)
New Fog system(not really a system, changed a variable):
Blood trail:

A (one) new zed
Awesome loot positions

Pretty pictures (i.e. other pictures)













NOTE: Due to the method of replacing non enterable buildigns with enterable ones, similar to DayZero(THEY ARE NOT DAYZERO's BUILDINGS) (had to clarify), some of them will clip into the ground and other objects, you have been warned.)

EDIT: We also hope to support many other maps and port them, with the author's permission.
When are you releasing server files??? (Joking) You know someone always asks right away. LOL

Looks interesting. Will give it a trial after you guys get some sort of alpha out.

Was wondering what you moved onto from Civilian.
When are you releasing server files??? (Joking) You know someone always asks right away. LOL

Looks interesting. Will give it a trial after you guys get some sort of alpha out.

Was wondering what you moved onto from Civilian.

To clarify: after the beta test.

Make sure you improve the menu for Daimyo's basebuilding! It looks horrible (said in the politest way possible).

Working on improving the functionality of placing items, menu didn't bother me too much
Hope it will end better than Civilian... Was very disapointed by this... Good luck !
I have ran into a problem with the story: I have no voice actors, we may scrap the idea and just do mini stories via text.

Also, working on a holster script and the ability to find empty magazines and fill them, this will be the only way to get ammo (unless off a dead body)
Beta test will hopefully be next week. Please note, since the beta test is a performance test and will last like 5 days, server files will not be released until it is done (which means the beta test servers will shut down after the beta test, so the server files will be released once we officially release the mod.)
Dead? Is this dead? Already? That was quick.

Well, you are about to learn some things personal about me.

In no way, shape or form, is this mod dead. Why would I want 3 months of work to go to waste? Never would I allow myself to waste time like that. If I am committed to something, I am committed, it will be accomplished.

Development has slowed down quite a lot, our other programmer (sharkking) family has fallen ill, he does not expect to be back to work until 2014. Our map designer is suffering from depression, family related problems and therefore is trying to get back up on his feet. On the other hand I, myself, have been a "social butterfly" lately and have been focusing on sports, school, Java, and my social life.

Although we have come to a hiatus for the time being (which means Shinkicker don't put this in the archives,) I have been working, not on programming but 3d modeling. I have decided to focus my programming skills on Java as for I am teaching it to myself in order to pass the AP test.

I think the hiatus is over, time to get back to work, I will soon post a few screen shots of some of the work I did during the 'hiatus.'

EDIT: None of the work I have done will go to waste, at the least it will be published on armaholic. (Discludes things related to DayZ e.g. self blood bag, daimoy's basebuilding, basically anything that is not my work)

Sorry about the devs team personal issues. I wish them well and a speedy recovery.

Thanks for letting us know you are still rocking and rolling with this mod!
Purplish, I wish you luck with this mod, if you plan to release the server files, I can have HFB add it into their mod manager (If it's stable enough ;)) and then, I can host servers with this mod, but I just have to ask if you plan to do that....

Also, if you're doing base building, do you plan to have it like Epoch's system, or maybe like Origins? I hope to see a mixture of both, even though Epoch's is quite better than Origins. I like the whole system of finding the material and being able to set your own custom base up like with Epoch.

In other notes, I really hope to see this mod, and I totally look forward to hosting it if it is somewhat like Epoch with the base building feature, I am only sticking with Epoch because of the base building ahaha. I appreciate your work, and I wish you luck man. G'day.