[READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here!


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for taking a moment of your day to read this.

This forum section is not for server advertisements. I repeat, it isn't for server ads.
This forum is dedicated to the discussion and maintenance of Private Hives as a whole.
Let's keep it that way - let's keep it clean - let's keep it productive - and let's not fill it with
advertising spam when there's an entire whole nother forum for that specific purpose.

Want to advertise your server?
Thank you.


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yeah, should we post our servers here or not ?
I see people posting their servers again....Either delete the posts or allow us to do the same please.
wtf...this isnt fair.
IMHO they dont WANT the site spammed with server advertisements. As I have said many times before, this site is for ADMINS who have their OWN server. Few if any are interested in anyone elses server.
People post their server advertisments in the private server forum even though it specifically says dont post server ads .. nobody has ever complained.
You are probably better served posting in dayzmod.com or steam forums which is where the PLAYERS will see it ..
I realize that. at some point months ago, it was disabled. I am sure that it wasn't an 'accident' or reserved for a special few and I am sure their is no 'permission' granted. There have been several posts already saying that you can't post there and they have all been ignored by the site admins (as far as i know they havent given any reason). So its my opinion that they were tired of 20% of the posts being advertisements on a site that doesn't cater to players and therefore the posts are distracting. It hasnt really stopped people as they just post in the private server forum and then bump their post daily.

Think about it, you have a server. Are YOU going to go play on some server that a person posts an advertisment here or are you going to concentrate on your own server? I think there should be a profile page just for your server info so I can click on your avatar and see the server info and links if I was interested.

the standard server advertisement goes something like this ...


Vehicles! .. maybe over 500!
AI missions and random AI bandits!
Base Building!
Deploy Bike!
Your mom!
Take clothes from dead bodies!
Weekly events like "Avoid the hacker!"
Friendly Helpful Admins who will gladly give you any gear you need
donation packs! PAY TO WIN, YAY!!
ad infinitem. ..
Dont play on your own server because it sucks hairy goat balls!
Join mine instead because I have all that unique stuff that you dont have!

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of course its bad :p but it is just like most of them, claiming to have unique this or that... same as 99% of the rest, which isnt a sin because we are all using the same mods so that is to be expected. but the point is ... do YOU want to play on my server? do you even care about my server? not likely, because you have your own. so do you care to read a post of me telling you how great my server is? especially when it has the same stuff as your server.

i see no reason for server adverts, which is probably why that forum was locked. putting a link/info in the signature is a good idea .... but yours is missing:D
i apoligize if it sounds like i am berating. i am just another nobody here so it doesnt matter,what i say or think about you and others posting your server adverts. just trying to make myself understood that the opendayz.net community is not your target audience because we are admins, not players. which as i said previously, is probably why the server ads forum is locked