Really irritating error


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So, I'm not sure if this is client-side or server side but since I'm the only one affected, I feel that it's client side. Every time I join a server I get a "Public Variable Restriction #0" error. However, I don't actually see it and I don't think it's in ArmA logs. I only know because the admin I contacted to help me told me what it said. I play this game with friends and this is the server they like best, so I'd really like to play it. The host is TheHouseofKing (Hive 4). I've verified ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 OA game files and have re-installed battle eye. I also verified all my DayZ files, could you tell me what's up? According to the admin I am not banned and can join other servers. If it is server side (corrupted files, etc) could you give be instructions to pass on to the admin? Thanks, sorry if it's too much.


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Is there anything I can do though? When you say they need to fix their BattleEye filters, what exactly do they have to do? Not step by step maybe but what should they white list?


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you as a client can do nothing. The BE scripts are checked on the server so unless you are running something outside the standard mod files then its not your fault and if you are running something extra .. well, you shouldn't be.
a publicvariable is some bit of data that is transmitted from one computer to every other computer ... A variable .. like "hey this guy just joined". So its probably some script that is running on the server and is not in the 'allowed' list of public variables of the BE scripts.


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As ShootingBlanks said, the Battleye filters are nothing a client can do anything to fix. It's up to the server provider, every server provider should know how to edit the battleye filters.