[RELEASE] - Deploy and pack bike - ARMA3 Epoch - UPDATED


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The Reason "Sparrow"/"Keith" Has my file uploaded is because my pc took a shit on me and the file link bugged out on drop box so they uploaded my actionmenu files to help people out. And if you look at my post i wasnt having a go, just saying


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And the one on the original post, was changed after you downloaded it, the GOAT bit on the end was just for testing. the onlying thing really changed in the deployvic was the variable name, I dont mind, its nice for people to be using my first ever released solo script, but credit would be nice "but not Required"


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All cleared up. Thank you. Not that any of it really matters to me, it just rather rubbed me the wrong way how Suppe just pooped in here with the accusations .. it was a poorly worded request for credit. And using the word stealing is inflammatory, not to mention that nobody 'stole' the code because they didnt' put their name on the files, it was simply used as it was uploaded to epochmod.com
I never doubted it was yours (or Leigham), just rather bored and lonely here nowadays and got carried away.
Sorry for any trouble.


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lol... it is no name on the files, so it is no stealing ? u are a tief, and a bad one !
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so when someone uploads a script such as self_bloodbag, to the internet and you repost that AS IS without claiming ownership, you stole it?
or if you include it in other scripts or make subtle changes? or no changes?

and i dont know what was originally posted when this thread was started with the term RELEASE, but it wasnt the ud.pbo as that was uploaded later as an improvement.

the entire opendayz effort is a collaboration between people to improve and create scripts. when you post a script it is with the knowledge and anticipation that it will be used, modifed and improved. the authors name goes at the top of the script and you leave that in place. in this case, no name was originally included which the author will not make that mistake again. NOBODY put their name on he files, so there was no attempt to steal it.

you, my friend, are misguided and possibly a little retarded.


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actually, in retrospect you are correct that when the ud.pbo and associated scripts were added it should have been linked to the original post at epochmod.com because it apparently replaced the original code by falling sheep.
but what bothered me was the rude manner of suppe's first post.

fallingsheep is responsible for bringing a complete epoch and now overpoch server to the masses ... all scripted and ready to go online. he has incorporated MANY scripts into his repack with zero accusations of stealing, only praise.
if suppe had politely mentioned that the code was a repost and they should ammend the post to link to the original work, it would have been better than the unpleasant comments he did post. (and now i am called a thief too? i dont even post any code. and i have to be a bad one?)
i tried to just jokingly deflect the negative comment at first. objectives posted a polite and simple request with explanation that made sense.

so .... since i dont have anything to do with the issue except taking offence at falling sheep being called a thief.

subject closed, thread unwatched, suppe ignored.


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ok i updated credits on main post....shesh guys a lil PM goes a long way!
id never steal a script let alone claim it!

my original script didnt even use the UD.PBO and was a bastardise version of infistars spawn script from his antihack which didnt work properly any way :p

the crap caused by 1 missing credit is part of the reason im done releasing or editing scripts

peace guys and dont forget the power of a PM!!!


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hello is there a way to make it so that it requires vehicle parts instead of krypto? im adding the mountain bike to my server and want to add parts to my gear select menu at spawn so that people can deploy a mountain bike (a 1500 crypto electric motorcycle is too much for 50 krypto).


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i am sure you use normal deploy bike as template to check for parts or toolbox then delete those from player.
i would think you could use the actual arma2 deploy bike script and just change the parts required to the new parts classnames.