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After getting frustrated at the DayZChernarus Mission System, I sent Lazyink a pull request on Github. In response he added me to the Github to update freely and gave me permission to update the Mission System. After looking deeper I decided too much should be re-done to do a simple update. DayZChernarus MS is the most used Mission System, but still has many bugs, no configuration, and a confusing install to the normal user; and I decided to fix that.

DZMS is a logic and useability rewrite of the DayZChernarus Mission System.
DZMS should be considered as an "updated" DayZChernarus Mission System.

Why Use DZMS instead of DayZChernarus MS?
  • DZMS has a simple Configuration File, no more digging through code
  • No more junk code! (Anyone who has read add_unit_server will understand)
  • Simple Install! DZMS Requires a single line edit. No more server_cleanup confusion!
  • No more messy mission code! DZMS uses functions for most code.
  • DZMS is rewrote with all maps in mind, not just Chernarus. Hence the Generic Rename.
  • DZMS is completely server sided! No marker files needed in the Mission PBO!
  • No more "Novy Sobor Bug"!
Plus, many features have been added!
  • Option to save vehicles to the database!
  • If Vehicle Saving is off, Users are warned when entering vehicles!
  • Randomized Crate Loot! No more static crate loot!
  • Adjustable Body Despawn Time!
  • Optional: AI Ran Over have no gear!
  • More!
The Current Version is v1.1 Final

Download Instructions: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem

Support Thread: http://opendayz.net/threads/support-dzms-dayz-mission-system.18421/
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