[Release] Fred's Dead Player Journal (Study Body Replacement)


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check the post for the body temp if u never had it installed before, a link is further up in the post


Ah didnt realise there was an additional thing to edit, thought it was all done in the study_body.sqf. Got it fixed now and customized the messages thanks!

Has anyone worked out how to show killer/weapon/range?


hi, i had a permanant debug showing in the top right of the screen. I added the journal and my mate died in a crash so i thought id take the opportunity to see how the journal worked. I checked the study body but i saw no journal stats of the other player. I thought this might be due to having a permanant debug so i changed my debug to one that can be toggled, only to find i cant toggle it lol. Is there a reason why i cant get the journal to work.
many thx
Do i need to map a key to get this to work... I can study body and it says there's a journal there but I can't seem to open any journal, or find it..

Anyone help a old fart to finish the script to useable