[RELEASE] Sector C

Chris Atkins

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When I release this, I will highly recommend using SARGE or DZAI and creating static spawn points inside for AI.

Here is the link to the images.

***This is still a work in progress***

There are 3 scripts for the crates in the download also. 3 crates; (1) weapon/ammo, (1) vehicle parts, and (1) food/med crate. These crates scripts will give you the ability to edit the contents and the coordinates where you would like them to be. No obligation to use the crates, but the scripts for them will be available.

***Secretly, I don't want to share this. However the community has done so much for me, I feel like giving back where I can.

CLICK HERE! Download the ZIP from the GitHub!
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Chris Atkins

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I'll release after the live testing is done. Fixing small things...like a trash dumpster half in a wall for instance. Adjusted the height on the general store so the back doors didn't require "stepping" into...

Basically ironing out some minor issues when I come across them.

It's in live production on my server and my player base lets me know little things when they come across them.

It'll be soon though. Probably in a week. I'll update the original post when I release it.

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Good spot I have nothing custom over there ill def be installing this when you release it... looks amazing but you think you might be able to help me with the AI spawn at there? Im not really good with ais :/

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Which AI do you use? I use DZAI which I am relatively proficient in setting up custom spawn for the AI, but for SARGE, I have no idea.

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It's the naval pier pieces. Came from the @MAP addon which is where the Epidemic mod buildings come from.
So we don't create any confusion, the map_eu doesn't actually provide new buildings. It allows the Arma2 buildings to be used easily in the editor which is why its called the map Editor Upgrade.
I am going to start a campaign against DZAI. People use it with all different skins so players are conditioned to shoot at every other player they see. It should be restricted to only bandit skins or something that the ai is easily identified as a bandit.
I have my DZAI setup to ONLY use Russian skins and Bandit skins. Don't know why people have such a hard time making it only use the skins they want.

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