[Release] Sector FNG Island

As people have been asking for this to be released I decided to. Mainly as a paypack for all the great help I've recieved on opendayz the last few weeks. Its a man made island south of Skalisky Island. I made it to add sarge ai but they where causing .rpt errors (think because of the piers). So if anyone else gets them working then let me know.

Below is the installation file (used pastebin as its too big to post here) and screenshots.




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I think only way to make loot spawning is to add it manually.

Example add invisible helipad to your CfgBuildingPos.hpp and make loot spots for it and place it on the island.

I`m just going to place some ammo crates there tho.


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Hi there, thanks for this.

I was wondering if there was any way of moving the whole thing so that its just a little bit out from the coast so its visible from land I mean.

many thanks



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I might have a loot fix for this, will post later tonight if it works ;)

Okay so i know how to fix the loot, i think - i just dont have the code for it right now, anyone else willing to try can though.

All you have to do is detect if the loot is trying to spawn on water, if so take the ground height and the water height, take the difference and add it into the height coord of the loot position variable.

should work.
Any way to fix some of the glitchy ground panels?

Also, anyway to keep the temp normal? On it for 10 minutes and practically died.

Good work though.
Hi there, thanks for this.

I was wondering if there was any way of moving the whole thing so that its just a little bit out from the coast so its visible from land I mean.

many thanks

You could by changing the XYZ coordinates in the file (Alot of work). I wont be releasing my biedi file though as im keeping it for other work on my server.
Not really, Found the piers to be buggy. Its why I moved mine inland without piers.

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OK cool not a prob. I know you said you don't want to release the biedi, but I would like to edit/remove some levitated items and having a biedi would save me a lot of time. Either way, thx!

I tried redoing it, but can't get the land_nav_pier to stay level. Must have been a labor of love getting those right lol.


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I've been trying to spawn loot on a carrier that i inserted and the loot spawns 90m above ground when i put helicrash crates on it. Then it disappears after a few seconds pass. (Above water loot spawn)

The problem is not the custom loot scripts you guys are doing....the problem is this command in the end:
_iArray call spawn_loot;


The spawn_loot.sqf has at its bottom

if (count _iPos > 2) then {
_item setPosATL _ipos;

This will mess up your spawning point of the crates.

The only kinda working fix (still problem with the loot spawn, but brings the crates on ground) is to create a crate:

_position = [10960.8, 5133.82, 66]; // 66 Height over water
_veh = createVehicle ["Misc_cargo_cont_net1",_position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
_veh setDir _dir;
_veh setposATL _position;
_veh setVariable["Sarge",1]; // in case you use Sarge AI script

The make another box to hold the coordinates and delete the 1st:

switch (true) do {
case not (alive _veh): {detach _veh;_veh setpos [(getpos _veh select 0), (getpos _veh select 1), 66];};
case alive _veh: {_bam = createVehicle [_randomvehicle, _position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];_bam setDir _dir; _bam setposATL _position; deletevehicle _veh;};

Then set the new box coordinates : _pos = [getpos _bam select 0, getpos _bam select 1, 66]; // 66 Height over water

And then copy paste the spawn_loot.sqf main function here so you can overwrite the " if (count _iPos > 2) then " part. ( of course set up the the these values accordingly first:

_iItem = _this select 0;
_iClass = _this select 1;
_iPos = _this select 2;
_radius = _this select 3;

Just remove the if and leave the _item setPosATL _ipos alone.

And at the end edit the _nearby as :

_nearby = _position nearObjects ["ReammoBox",20];
_x setVariable ["permaLoot",true];
_x setpos [(getpos _x select 0), (getpos _x select 1), 66]; // so it keeps the height.
} forEach _nearBy;

All this WILL spawn the crate on the desired height BUT the loot will still spawn on air and disappear....
Basically we are f.....d. The engine doesnt allow water spawn unless land...Still trying to figure out a way to do this.
Hope i helped, maybe someone can use this info to fix this.