Running Multiple Servers on a Single Machine (Including Firewall Setup)


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This post is assuming that you already have multiple instances downloaded from Steam.

This is pretty simple and straightforward. Using the Arma 3 server config as reference add the following to your server's config (named serverDZ.cfg as default):

steamQueryPort = 2303; // Steam Query Port
steamPort = 2304; // Steam Services Port
Make sure each server on the machine increments these ports in order. Example of possible port sets (increments of 100):
  • Server #1
    • Game Port: 2302
    • Steam Query Port: 2303
    • Steam Services Port: 2304
  • Server #2
    • Game Port: 2402
    • Steam Query Port: 2403
    • Steam Services Port: 2404
  • Server #3
    • Game Port: 2502
    • Steam Query Port: 2503
    • Steam Services Port: 2504
If everything is set properly, your server's console should look like this:

Verify that you have also allowed these ports in your firewall as well.
  1. Open up the command-prompt and type wf.msc
  2. Right click Inbound Rules and hit New Rule...
  3. Select Program from the list
  4. Browse for your server's executable, usually named DayZServer_x64.exe
  5. Select Allow the connection
  6. Make sure all three profiles are selected, Domain, Private, and Public
  7. Give your rule a name and click Finish
By default all ports will be opened for the selected executable. If are running your server on your home network and want to open it up to the public (not recommended), make sure you port-forward the above ports as well.

Known Issues:
  • If you follow the guide from Arma 3's wiki, the server will set your server ports to something other than what you set them too.