Sahrani Server Setup


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Hi !

I have the same issue with database.sql and with my rpt. Players blocked at waiting for host...

Could you please provide us a working database.sql file ?

Many thanks !


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That wasn't really the problem in my case Fouc. If you want i can send you my server files in a zip :) and you will only have to start the server ( and change the config ). Ill be on mi TS

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sorry for the lack of response or updates here guys, I really have to juggle the time I have to spend on this stuff, and the DayZ end is getting the short end of the Me...

I have an update in the works that will require further changes to the SQL table so I don't want to go back and waste time cleaning up this package. There is a clean SQL file either in this thread or another one here.


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Hello all

We did rent a HFB dayz server, we are trying to setup dayz_sahrani (0.7.8) using the custom map option.

The guide says:
  1. Create a new MySQL login with the account name "dayz"
  2. Execute the supplied SQL file to setup the table schema.
  3. Update your Hive.ini and Config_*****.cfg with login details etc.

We are trying to follow this guide but we been unable to:

  1. Create a MySQL login as we do not have permissions.
  2. Update our Hive.ini and Config_*****.cfg with login details etc, as we can't find those files on the downloaded zip file.

Any help is really appreciated.


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Well, we have no control over your permissions on HFB servers. You'd have to contact them about that.

2. for the files, I did not package it very well for the 0.7.8, so really the best thing to do is to DL the 0.2.1 package and overwrite that with the 0.7.8 stuff....

The Hive.ini is in the 0.2.1 package only (Available Here)

The config file you're looking for is in all of the server packages.
In the 0.2.1 package it's located/named: "DayZSahrani-Sever-021.20130520\dayz_2.sara\config_b5e7494a.cfg"

In the 0.7.8 package (Available Here) it's located/named: "DayZ_Sahrani_0.7.8_Server\cfgdayz\server.cfg"

Sorry for the rigamaroll... the impending 1.0 package should be much more well thought out than the last one I did.