Sarge are you still around and still interested in the mod?


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Im not looking for support on editing your AI scripts or anything needy like that. Insted I am looking at possible ways to make all the current mods alot better. I remember reading about your idea for hosting AI via a client connection rather than hosting them on the server. I was wondering if you are still looking into this. If so, I have a proposition that may interest you. I dont want to go into details here as I would rather do that once I have a full team of staff to take on the project.

Reimburstment for your time would of course be paid for if you require it


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Taken by clicking his name;
"Sarge was last seen: Sep 20, 2013"

I am a big fan of his work though, so i hope to see him around :)
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yeh i was hoping he might still look in from time to time, just not bother logging in :p I only log in if i have something to say


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First visit in 6 months :). Have been pretty busy, haven't even played any Dayz version in the last 12 months. Did a small project for Path of Exile (Itemalert), spending most of my spare time now in the UE4 development environment.


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i personally think sarge is the best AI out, just missing few things and they be perfect additions to the dayz world, pity its gone left behind,

but still use it over others,