SargeAI Genesys

So this is a seriously old thread, i know, but I have been working on updating this for Epoch and felt I should post this here. I have a version of SargeAI 1.5.2 working and would like to share it with all would be modders both new and old that share the same love I do for the best ai system ever put our for dayz.

Again, I have been building this for use on Epoch but for the most part, is still the same sarge you may have once known and loved. The only NOT core DayZ code in there is for Zupa's SIngle currency but there is a check in there that should not hinder your use of the code even if you dont/cant install that script so please feel free to have fun with this!

Download and install instructions are on my github
Super. I think the Sarge AI did always work even with all the excessive errors ... maybe it didnt though, its literally been years since I used it, I dont remember for sure ;).
I always prefer Sarge to the other AI scripts .. it just seemed to make the map 'alive' with the factions battling each other around the players.
I completely agree, this ai system was the absolute best and the only reason i would recommend someone use the other systems is due to the heavy weight strain this puts on the server. Once I iron out some more bugs, going to look at moving it to server side. Right now my biggest focus' are the issues with naming the units, the leader units, detecting player leaving target range, ai unit xp levels, unassigned group id's, some invisible ai and the stutter movement nature of ai helicopters. I believe most of these errors generate from the code trying to run after ai have been eliminated so theres a break in the detection and subsequently breaks a lot of code after that.
If you are concerned about the size of thr mission, you can delete the files and code for all the maps you arent running .. it makes it somewhat smaller.
I dont know if this is any harder on the server thsn others, but people tend to create more ai with sarge since its divided up into these 2k grids. The key is to change the size of the grids to something larger then you have fewer ai when there are a lot of widespread players


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I usually just make two large elipses and have AI spawn randomly inside it. The ai will make waypoints inside this elipse. Thus creating the illusion of real roaming AI. They start on server restart and just wander about like players.


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Request to have this removed from the RTP:
"Leader is still alive: SAR_leader_5"

/edit: Commented it out for now. It's spamming the RTP


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error on dayz when killing AI:

12:22:36 Error in expression <XP_NAME_3;

if (SAR_COIN_REWARD && Z_singleCurrency) then {
_aiKilled = _ai>
12:22:36 Error position: <Z_singleCurrency) then {
_aiKilled = _ai>
12:22:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: z_singlecurrency
12:22:36 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Namalsk\addons\SARGE\SAR_aikilled.sqf, line 85