Screenshots & Pictures: V1.7.5 Dayz Celle


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Seeing as I've got a little bit of time before turning in I thought I'd throw up some screenshots:

Nothing amazing, just to give people and idea of the skins, vehicles & a small sample of the conflicts addon :)

Icewindo's Hazmat mod:
Hazmats are water proof
Highly resistant to zombie infection

Some non-lootable skins that have been customized for Dayz.
These are mainly for clans/teams and admin groups. The Rocket skin is under this role (it stays on logout) but I didn't customize it so it didn't feel appropriate to include it as one of 'mine'
Clan Skins.jpg

Some of the rejects that unfortunately didn't make it as I couldn't get backpack proxies on them, I left them in, but they don't have backpack animations!
NoBackpack Clan.jpg

These are all the lootable military type skins, some of them are cold resistant (Namalsk inspired) which is handy as winter Germany is now ferociously cold as of V1.7.5
Lootable Skins.jpg

Hand of Moscow's Hill 3.
Loosely assembled is the Civilian Skins that are lootable, some of these are cold resistant aswell.
Lootable Civilian Skins.jpg

Humvee's that have been reconfigured from the ground up. Armour values have been brought into line with Dayz

Some of the very light technicals that are bandits best friends. These have been reconfigured like the humvee's but they are fairly balanced as is.

Troubles' Gazelle!
It's my favourite chopper at the moment, quick, nimble and packs 5 people. It's the ultimate post apocalypse scout.

I'm normally against high-tech Dayz, but this is a teaser of something I'm working on that will hopefully be in later versions of Celle.


I just got home. I am liking what I see, to me the MORE customizations you put into it the better, this allows server owners to add/remove things they like and dislike to fit their playerbases style.

Question - will you be implementing the snow feature into this? I know when I put that on tons of people absolutely loved it... But they asked if it could be lighter sometimes or simply come on and off rather than on 24/7. I have no idea how to do any of that... But they loved Celle winter

I like what I'm seeing here, especially when you move towards less powerful weapons with more variety. Sometime today I'm going to make a massive post regarding my personal desired playstyle of Dayz Celle. I hope you read it. I do follow your work pretty closely since I heard you're in charge of Celle (And I personally think Celle has lots of room to grow as a map).

Keep up the good work.


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I like that very much. We also did modifie Celle 1.7.4 to include other vehicle types and skins, but its very limited due we have to do it via the mission file. I cant wait for 1.7.5 to be released :D


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My home server I used for testing decided it no longer wanted to be a part of this world so there was a lot of set backs this weekend.

I'm not %100 sure, but it won't be far behind V1.7.5 Dayz mod :)
Now you're just messing with me, when's THAT being released?

Also is there any chance you will be throwing in some boat types and plane types? Preferably a pbx cuz they don't get trapped like fishing boats (on the bridges)... And perhaps a plane that is maneuverable like the maule on Tavi.

Otherwise - You've got me excited. GDI F your server!


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The Humvee is un-banned in the Dayz V1.7.5. I've added the M2 and TOW (without the rockets, just the nvg scope) and instead of unbannig the humvee, I configured one from scratch.

I don't have the code on me as I'm stuck at work :(

Configs aren't too hard, but they do require an additional download for people connecting to your server. The plus side of doing your own configs instead of just un-banning them is that you can balance the vehilce for dayz.

For instance the humvee's tires are essentially bullet proof in normal arma, that's not the case in dayz celle.
Will you be unbanning boats that can go under the bridges? And any plans on adding planes or other vehicles?

And what are the limitations in terms of changing terrain, is it possible to add small water ways? And what do you have planned for drinking water from the river / pond and the wells?

Specifically the river/pond being unusable, and the wells being very common making access to water rather easy.


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Will you be unbanning boats that can go under the bridges? And any plans on adding planes or other vehicles?

And what are the limitations in terms of changing terrain, is it possible to add small water ways? And what do you have planned for drinking water from the river / pond and the wells?

Specifically the river/pond being unusable, and the wells being very common making access to water rather easy.
Honestly I have never tried to go under the bridge with a boat, and was completely unaware of an issues with it. It does explain why my F4 Phatom blew up even though I was sure I didn't clip the bridge!

The water is freshwater so I've made it usable. There's an infection chance with unboiled water in dayz V1.7.5 (it's only just made their patch notes) so it might be wise to see how it plays out before fiddling with it further. The water points are numerous, but I haven't got a solution to that. I would like to try removing the water pumps, but it might encourage people to hang around the river too much.

Terrain changes are hard, as it's mondklab's map. There's been a huge amount of object changing but adding water ways won't be able to be done.

I'll have a fiddle with boats tonight. There's a very limited amount of water craft in ARMA though, it's basically all there apart from the RHIB. If anyone knows a good 3rd party one let me know and I can track down the author.

As for vehicles, the number of aircraft to choose from is much more expansive, the only 3rd party aircraft is the Gazelle. I think the number is at 7-8 as I've been re-configuring and adding some ones from ARMA. Obviously I wouldn't recommend having them all on your map at once.

There's some really cool aircraft out there, but most don't have any purpose for Dayz. For example a harrier is awesome, but a single seater fighter-bomber wouldn't really fit in. :p
I personally like the idea of having more civilian oriented vehicles being unlocked... the whole civi vehicles rigged with guns on them is always cool (Perhaps even have a way of finding M249/M240's and actually being able to rig it to the vehicle with scrap metal and such)

It's the fishing boats that get stuck. And with your removal of a bridge, sure that creates more choke points but it never hurts to have some boats that are unlocked that can be placed here and there to allow a bit of back and forth without having to cross murder bridge.

Well ideally for the water you could make people WANT to travel north to get survival supplies and new things, but have it so that you're forced to go traveling around to get water.. so even if you head north for supplies, you might have to head east or south again to get water.... (I like the idea of never ending movement - creates far more interesting encounters)

Again this is all just me rambling.


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There is an issue only on Celle map that players spawn swimming on the ground. Its not only on our server - We know 3 other clans who suffer from this problem. I wonder does someone too have this problem? And can or is this allready fixed?


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I believe it is related to some of the initial debug spawns being located in the water.

They've been moved and I haven't had an issue yet, but time will tell.
Any chance we'll get an ETA on your release?

Not being an ass, just really excited is all.

something finally good is going to happen to Celle... It's in need of so much loving.


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I decided to stop adding things and polish it up when dayz V1.7.5 was released.

Unfortunately work is very busy. I haven't tested snow (as you can see in the thread we're all still trying to get it up and running!) or the boneyard, but I might just cut them for this update and push them through as they are completed and tested.

I had a stable test last night with V1.7.5 dayz code on the reality hive. So hopefully before the end of the week. :)
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm eager as hell to see all the new things you've done.

The snow is def a key factor in creating a cool atmosphere for the map (I been keeping up with that in the other thread) BUT you can always add that in as it is solved.. And boneyard seems interesting without a doubt - What can you actually MAKE in the boneyard, and will it be more than just mats that fit in your main inventory? Something like a place you shove a buncha mats and scroll to hit create?

Also - how customizable are the things you are adding to Celle? Specifically will I have to go through and do loot suppression again or will there be an easier way (perhaps not even be necessary)


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Everyone in our community wants to say thank you for your work! We cant wait to see it finished and to play with new features on 1.7.5 based celle :)