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I'm experiencing this problem with DayZMod servers (epoch and vanilla) for quite a long time and seems I've reached the point where I'm desperate to solve it on my own.

The problem is that servers just freeze over time (it can be 3 days or 2 hours), just freeze and everything stops. No errors in RPT/console, just nothing-the only thing-log end sometimes looks like this (it cant finish writing log)

20:34:03 BattlEye Server: Player #1 KuKuBra disconnected
20:44:02 DGL uses modified data file
20:44:02 BattlEye Server: Player #1 DGL ( connected
20:44:02 Player DGL connecting.
20:44:03 BattlEye Server: Player #1 DGL - GUID: 71ef5b6f0f700305b19f23af1236f84e (unverified)
20:44:04 Player DGL connected (id=76561198045718205).
20:44:04 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (71ef5b6f0f700305b19f23af1236f84e) of player #1 DGL
20:44:04 BattlEye Server: Pla

Shutting down on such freeze is done trough taskmgr (process stays there) and on client side it looks like endless "Wait for host"

I tried reinstalling server (mby I do smth incorrectly?)
Viewing trough mission/server files for errors (with no idea what I'm looking for)
Shady thing is that server FPS is kinda low even with few players online (4-5 with ~10 ppl online) when server has 2x 6core CPUs and none of them is running on over than 50%
Another shady thing is that it's for both epoch and vanilla and they are using different installations. and Vanilla freezes are much more frequent (vanilla is more populated)

Server is running on Win2k12R2

Any ideas? (please?)


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doesnt matter how many cores or cpu's you have, arma onlly uses 2 so your other 10 cores will never be used. And maxes at 2gb of ram I believe.
If its low fps all the time like that you probably have lots of vehicles that all require constant processing ? The way it stops printing the message to the log makes me think its an Operating System issue. Just guessing. Is this a dedicated server or a VPS or on your local home computer? Do all other processes run normally? Try running a different game server to see what happens. In taskmanager when Arma freezes, what is your resource graphs looking like?


It's a dedicated server and other gameservers are running smoothly, I know arma doesn't use more than 2 cores and that's why I gave it specific cores (4&5 for vanilla and 10&11 for epoch)

FPS is strange thing... epoch server has 300+ vehs on it + around 100AI @ missions and running at 10+ fps even with 15 players online
For vanilla it's always around 5 FPS despite ~90 vehicles and 20 roaming AI


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Silly to mention it, but I assume you have restarts every 3-6 hours.
Also, you say vanilla but also mention "roaming AI". Which romaing AI package are you using? I've used DZAI for years and never had that problem. I'm thinking some script issue eating memory, creating objects, something like that.


I'm using DZAI and I've been using them for quite a long time... about objects on the map-I'm also using Chernarus additions from Ixxo, however not the heaviest ones - just some additional mil bases for empty north regions... and still-both vanilla and epoch are running the same mods, but fps is far from the same.

For now I tried fully disabling all AV/Scanning software on server-and after 20 hours-frozen
No errors, nothing... btw I can still connect to the server via rcon and see it's last state (on freeze moment)
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yeah, I've used Ixxo too. Not sure which are which now, but I have the northern zone, kras, novy, dichina, svet, one between cherno/balota and cherno docks. DZAI too.

I want to say hardware. maybe a disk corruption?


S.M.A.R.T. Status ok, yeah it's HDD, but never had problems with it, I think I have already run chkdsk after problem appeared.


Ok, got a particular fix by force quit fnc after every restart, at least it won't stay offline for 2 days without notice =)