Setting up Randomspawn


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I've decided that the best way to create the feel of roaming AI is to disable static and dynamic spawns and increased random to 10 spawns caped.

Now I have the following questions after trying for some time:
¤1.How do I setup so they spawn upon restart? I want to make them have a 100% chance to spawn.
¤2. I have set following
"//Time to wait before despawning all AI units in random spawn area when no players are present. (Default: 120) DZAI_randDespawnWait = 11000;"
But they still despawn in less then 30 minutes. I want them to stay the whole restart or until killed. What am I missing?


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Why not just create AI groups in the editor and exec the sqf file at server startup. Create a group that patrols Cherno and west,, Eletkro and North, Bernezino and inland., Central stary area, Zelenagorsk area. When they are killed, they are gone until restart.
I would do this for the zombies. When you get a city cleared out, its cleared and safe .. mostly. Fewer zombies would mean more AI patrols in that area though.

As for your question, I dont know what you are missing unless there is a hard coded max time limit somewhere. Why dont you trace the code. Find the code that despawns the units and see what code calls that despawn code, and look for the conditions required to call the despawn code.