So...whats the point?

I'm not meaning to seem inflammatory, I'm genuinely curious about this:

What is the point of running a 300 vehicle server with 25 helicopters? Is the goal to have WastelandZ or what?

If we're talking about zombie survival sandbox games, you'd think you'd want to see: lots of scavenging, zombie killing, talking/killing/teaming up with other survivors and scavenging (emphasis). There doesn't seem to be much purpose with 300 vehicles and 25 helis depending on the condition they spawn at.

Even without radar, 1 heli is going to spot the guy hording 10 vehicles at his camp in the woods. Extrapolate that because with any knowledge of DayZ, getting parts to repair things is definitely not a struggle. With the new lootable buildings added to the map in Overwatch, there's an abundance of car parts.

So truly, how does a 300 vehicle server with 25 helis really come into play unless the goal is to really focus on PVP and manhunts?
I think the general gist isn't that one person should horde 10 vehicles, but rather that the new spawns have a much higher chance of FINDING a vehicle at all. On many servers I've played on (especially with remove parts scripts installed) people will simply stash their vehicles faaaar up north, AND remove all the parts into their inventory so no one can steal their car. This removes the vehicles from play almost entirely, and it's damn frustrating. I always blow up peoples' cars when I see them do this. On high vehicle-count servers though, this isn't as much of an issue, as chances are you'll likely have a vehicle of your own (or 10) by the time you find someone's camp. Instead, you'll just take his precious MSR and gloat about it in sidechat until he and his friends all log on and blow you to tiny little pieces. <3
Sure, I see your point, so you're saying it's a gameplay mechanic to combat the "hordeing" issue? Those vehicle still go out of play depending on the server setup for up to a week once they are blown up.

I run 150 veh on a server, and of course there are people who just run around blowing up every car they find regardless.


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I have 400 vehicles on my overwatch server. Why? Because I want to and that's what the players want.

What's the point of running a server with nobody on it?
Dang, Cen, no need to be hostile to one of your old DayZ buddies! I'm curious as to how maxing it increases player cooperation. I guess it gives you less reason to instant-murder. =)


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Oh snap, Husher!

I didn't even see your name, haha.

There is no more player co-op in DayZ, it's all PVP now. I agree that it sucks, but that's how it's played out :(

There are some successful PvE servers out there though.
It's pretty much WastelandZ for the most part. Doesn't seem to make a difference running more vehicles.

Did you say you've a Taviana Overwatch running?


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We run Taviana, Panthera, Cherno, and Overwatch at the moment.

Getting read to dive into Sahrani to see what it's all about.

Gave Breaking Point a shot but it was terrible. Waiting on Aftermath since it looks really good.