Stapos 2017 Server Lite Release [OLD]

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DayZ Private Server Lite: 2017

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NOTE: The DayZ Client Files must be installed prior to installing this server pack.
  • @dayz2017 - DayZ: 2017 Client
  • @hive - DayZ Server And Hive
  • DayZConfig - Server Settings
  • DayZUtilites - Server Tools
  • Keys - Server Keys
  • MPMissions - Mission Files
  • MySQL - MySQL Server And Database

NOTE: Steps with a * infront of them are optional.
  1. Extract all the contents in this repo into your Arma 2 Combined Operations directory.
  2. Configure your server by editing ServerSettings.cfg (Located in DayZConfig)
  3. * Configure your game port by editing Start Server.bat
  4. * Configure your Rcon password/max ping by editing BEServer.cfg (Located in DayZConfig/Battleye)
  5. * Configure your server timezone etc. by editing HiveExt.ini (Located in DayZConfig)
  6. Execute Start Server.bat and wait for the Arma 2 Dedicated Server Console to appear.
  7. Enjoy!

NOTE: All vehicle spawns included in this server pack are the Official DayZ: 2017 vehicle spawns.
  • Vehicle spawn points are in the object_spawns table in the Database.
  • Vehicle spawn chances, damage, classnames etc. are in the object_classes table in the Database.

NOTE: All utilities are located in DayZUtilities.
  • Backup Database
  • Clear Server Logs
  • Optional Kill Messages
  • Update Battleye Bans
  • Update Battleye Filters
  • Update Battleye
Known Bugs

  • If you find any bugs or have any issues related to this server pack, please submit them here.
Common Issues

Problem: Server crashes when the first player connects
Solution: Ensure that you have HiveEXT.dll in your @hive Folder.
Problem: Server not shown on the in-game browser or on third-party server browsers (DayZCommander etc.)
Solution: Ensure the game ports (Default: 2302 - 2305 UDP) are forwarded properly.
Problem: "Bad CD Key" messages
Solution: Buy the game.
Problem: "BE Cannot Connect To Master Server" in the console window

Solution: Run Update Battleye.bat in DayZUtilities

  • If you like my work and you like what i do for the dayz community, you can donate here.
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