Starter Backpack Bug


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My host just added 2017 to their list of available mods.

I've set up 2017, ran around a bit, tested some things out and it's working great.

The only problem I have run into so far is that the starting backpack is the normal skinned one. Not the 2017 skin.

How do I go about changing this? It's not a big deal as most people upgrade their backpacks fairly quick, and the ones that are spawning are the 2017 skinned ones.

Would just like to fix it.



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Never seen that before and I can quite confidently say its not a code issue;

class CfgSurvival {
class Inventory {
class Default {
magazines[] = {"HandChemGreen","ItemWaterbottle"};
weapons[] = {};
backpackWeapon = "";
backpack = "ice_apo_pack3";

ice_apo_pack3 is the 'Tweakers pack' that you start with.

Does your host use any sort of starting inventory system? I know bliss has something we you can change the load outs from within the DB.


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DayZ.ST allows you to edit the starting loadout.

Though, the re-skinned backpacks don't show up in that loadout list.


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They might need to add them - the class names are:

ice_apo_pack3 : "Tweakers Pack"
ice_apo_pack1 : "College Pack"
ice_apo_pack4: "Tinkers Pack"
ice_apo_pack2: "King Hobo Pack"

Tell the guys there they can contact me if they need any support.


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Got a reply from Bliss saying "DO it your f**king self, you have access to the database"

Thing is, i would do it myself IF i knew how to and knew where it went


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as above got ^^^ got a reply from bliss after asking them can they add them backpacks to get a message basicly saying

add them to the DB i would if i knew how :confused:


Maybe the "cust_loadout" or "cust_loadout_profile" sections?

I wouldn't know. I don't have a problem with it since I did this:
as the loadout on my server.

Then people can just scavenge supermarkets for tweaker packs and such, which happen to spawn quite often it seems.