Syntax DayZ - Customized DayZ Server - New / Custom Military & Future Development


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Syntax is a gaming community founded on FiveM (GTAV RP). We run a highly advanced roleplay server there. Recently we decided to move into DayZ as some of us have nostalgia and enjoy playing the game. Over the last few weeks, we've realized a lot of modded servers are way too easy and over the top. As such we made Syntax DayZ.

On our server we have mods but we tweaked them all heavily. We established a trader economy and loot economy that should be working. We also made it so if you want the high tier modded weapons you have to buy them. Finding guns is easy but not the best guns.

- Wallets / Lockers / More Storage
- Tougher Raiding
- Custom loot / trader economy
- Blackmarket / vehicle trader
- Tweaked despawn values of player bodies & more

Since we are from FiveM, we have a development team that is able to push updates and we will be making a custom server over time for DayZ.

Check us out!


Server Name: Syntax DayZ
PORT: 2302

Use DZSA Launcher and look for Syntax DayZ. Join discord for support or to just be part of our community! See you in Chernarus!