1. VenTi

    DayZ Hub - New server! 3xLoot | ATM | No Stamina | Events | Group or Join us!
  2. L

    DayZ Hardcore Survival Active Admins: The Cul De Sac

    Welcome to The Cul De Sac, High, but Balanced loot, High zombies, Base building and PvP is encouraged, Active Admins, Events, and plenty of good times to be had. Suggestions for the server is open, please feel free to join the server's Discord here: and let us know...
  3. S

    Aftermath Chernarus RP

    We are modding the map to give this server a more unique and more lore intense feel. Our thoughts behind adding more military zones to the more important/larger residential towns is: During a zombie apocalypse the military wouldnt just build a few road blocks then just quit and give up... our...
  4. K

    Syntax DayZ - Customized DayZ Server - New / Custom Military & Future Development

    Hello, Syntax is a gaming community founded on FiveM (GTAV RP). We run a highly advanced roleplay server there. Recently we decided to move into DayZ as some of us have nostalgia and enjoy playing the game. Over the last few weeks, we've realized a lot of modded servers are way too easy and...