Taviana 3.0 Update


What about just getting this pushed out? The things you are screwing with now will be changed by server owners anyways.


Really looking forward to this, is there any eta for this would love to have a server setup with this asap ?

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its actually a lot of testing, bugfixing and balancing. Most horrible thing thats almost done was the hitpoint assignment to each vehicle. Makes no sense to repair missiles on a Little bird or 8 weels on a atv.
Battleeye is almost done and late changes have been made to the vehicles.
I can´t really tell how long but release seems to come close. (and i want to be ready before my wedding in July)


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No he likes updates to mods that don't take 14 months to bring to completion.
I can fully understand this. But remember that this was taken over some month ago and had to be fully recreated. Since is a one-man job i can´t really work every day for hours on this. All that asked to help finally did nothing. Hope to get a team for future versions.


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Keep up the good work Sharkking, when it's ready for release and I receive the files I will push out an update of DayZCC as soon as I can to support it! Looking forward to it. :)


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Not sure why you're messing will all this pointless skinning of vehicles.

That stuff can be pushed in future updates to the mod.


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performance related changes:

- decreased max zombies per client to 25
- decreased spawn radius of zeds to 250m
- decreased loot spawn radius to 250m
- decreased min zed/loot spawn distance to 25m

gameplay related changes:

- decreased spawn rate of crates (which are useless at the moment, probably will be configured to be used as a tiny storage crate (1 wep + 1 backpack + 4 item slots)
- decreased spawnrate of craftable vehicle parts
- increased spawnrate of parts needed to craft vehicle parts
- decreased loot spawn rate on fuel stations (spawned sometimes 6-8 lootbags at once)
- increased AI count at district Z
- added more backpacks to loot and changed backpack slots
- added the red/black painted SUV from the picture above
- added Offroad_DSHKM_Gue (2 spawning by default)
- added Pickup_PK_GUE (2 spawning by default)
- added proper Hitpoints to all vehicle classes
- changed armor on both armed vehicles to match the armored suv armor
- armored vehicles spawn with empty guns. Ammo needs to be found at crash sites or military areas. (therefore after a server restart the ammo is empty)
- removed CJ130
- added Mi-26 with cargo and paradrop option for vehicles as a replacement for the c130J menue option to open main door and hangar door included
- removed auto load/unload option from Mi-26. Vehicles must be loaded manually
- removed automatic flare system from Mi-26
- removed unnessacary open lef/right window option from Mi-26
- added Saiga12k to weapon and loot lists
- added an AI Mission system that fits taviana units/weapons (can be set on/off in init.sqf).
- Killing AI in Missions will add/remove 50 Hum per AI depending on the Status (if Hum > 2499 Hum will be added | if Hum < 2499 Hum will be substracted)
- added mbg_killhouses and some pre-placed killhouses to different towns arround both islands (can be set on/off in init.sqf)
- all new skins are now available as skin bags (eg if someone wants to add take clothes).
- Limmited wearing skins to the own class (eg survivors can´t wear hero/bandit skins)
- removed skin_camo/skin_sniper/skin_soldier restriction on all classes. Those skins can be used by everyone again
- refuel distance changed from 5m to 8m (5m was almost impossible to refuel on the airfield fuel pumps when inside a chopper/plane)
- choppers/planes can no longer refuel by hovering over Land_Fuelstation_Shed, therefore need to refuel at airfields.
- added an external perlscript that rendomizes damage for newly spawned vehicles on each server start.

fixes from previous test builds:

- fixed hero skins (Hero1LVL1 and Hero2LVL2 had the same skin)
- fixed wrong respawing with survivor skin when reached hero/bandit levels.
- removed engine and fueltank from salvage cars (was set to damage of 89% before, car was still useable)
- changed some vehicle spawnpoints.
- fixed Ural spawning on top of a roof in Sabinia
- fixes spawn location helis, so far all loot boxes where reachable by the player
- fixed loot positions arround non-enterable barracks.
- fixed boats beeing reset from water and therefore spawned on land

planned for release

adding open garage from SMD Assets (thanks for use rights) to give some vehicle hide options

This are more or less the last changes which will be completed within the next days. Afterwards there will be a closed test with some friends and then heading to release.
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Thank for the update! I appreciate all the work you're putting into the mod.

I'm sure you understand the frustration from the people that love Taviana. That's where the "Let's get this pushed out already" comes from.


What about getting permission to use the new enterable buildings? I see that DayZed and Epoch will have them in the newest updates coming out.


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- re-added crates to loot
- added crafting recipie (4x crate 1x nails) for a Storage Box (model is Fort_Crate_Wood)
- storage box can be placed everywhere arround the map (except roads) and gets saved in the objects table, no lock is provided, no limmits on how many you build. offers 20 slots (2 weapon, 1 backback, some items) can be shot down or destroyed by vehicles. (like tents but some more hipoints)

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- removed some of the light sources to enhance performance
- reduced brightness of the burning tire heaps
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