Tent inventory updates after restart


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Shootingblanks you are a gentleman.
Now if we could get this kind of server on the overwatch forums we'd be all set.

Chris Atkins

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I just tossed in the default server_monitor.sqf file into my dayz_server.pbo and tested it as working with tents saving the inventory correctly. You will have to edit it to reflect any changes you have made to your server such as a calling the server_spawncrashsite.sqf file, or base building etc etc.
This is the default file

Also on my website also where the version with base building 1.3 is also available.
Unfortunately that server_monitor breaks my player sync...that was the only file I replaced in my server folder and it went downhill from there....

I can't even get Battleye server to connect to my Overwatch server....

A fucking mess...lost 8 hours of work today.

I do appreciate you assistance, however that one file made it worse.
I've since resorted back to files from the two days ago, and wiped my rpt log to start fresh.
If you would send me your server.pbo and mission file I would be happy to fix it up for you.
You can upload it to my teamspeak server, in the public file area channel.
or use dropbox or whatever you prefer.
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Just to give everyone an update of this post. The server_monitor.sqf file was working for the tent fix. There was another issue that was causing problems. I am going to put together a dayz_server.pbo that is tested working and post it.
Someone must surely have a fix for this. I tried using the unofficial 0.2.6 that was posted with the fix on the Overwatch website and it didn't fix the problem.

I can see the updates supposedly being written to the tent, but the tent content never changes in the databse.

So the same as most others. Writes to the database until a server restart only.


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Tell your players to pitch tents before a restart and store items after. We managed to figure out a fix but don't recall what we did exactly.
Tell your players to pitch tents before a restart and store items after. We managed to figure out a fix but don't recall what we did exactly.
Yeah...I highly recommend not doing that.

Instead, just fix the problem like this:

The issue issue is in the server_updateObject.sqf.

This block, around line 92 - 105

_previous = str(_object getVariable["lastInventory",[]]);
if (str(_inventory) != _previous) then {
_object setVariable["lastInventory",_inventory];
if (_object isKindOf "AllVehicles") then {
diag_log format["UID=%1,OBJECTID=%2",_uid,_objectID];
_key = format["CHILD:303:%1:%2:",_objectID,_inventory];
} else {
_key = format["CHILD:309:%1:%2:",_objectID,_inventory];
diag_log ("HIVE: WRITE: "+ str(_key));
_key call server_hiveWrite;
Make sure both CHILD 303 and CHILD 309 are set to _objectID.