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We have 3 traders. Tons of guns and clothing options as well as a variety of cars. Server is 100% PVP except for trader safezones. Join our discord:
Our Admins are here to make play style more smooth. We are up to changes within server as well. if you have a good idea for server it will be looked into and possibly added.
After joining discord. Read Rules and React with Thumbs up that is under said rules. once that happens you will get access to all of discord. seeing our server IP Address. Come check it out and if you like it. bring a friend.
We are trying to build a great community, so if theres anything we can do to make your stay better at BadThings PVP server please let us know. we are open to ideas.

Server Address
Our mods are as follows..
  1. WeaponReduxPack
  2. VanillaPlusPlusMap
  3. BaseBuildingPlus
  4. Unlimited Stamina
  5. AmmunitionExpansion
  6. Banking Base
  7. Furniture Mods 2.0
  8. DayZ-Expansion-Chat
  9. CheckPulse
  10. No-Vehicle-Damage
  11. SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run
  12. Dmns_ExtraWeaponZ
  13. InventoryPlus
  14. MoreGuns
  15. PartyMe
  16. Server_Information_Panel
  17. BuilderItems
  18. WeaponExpansion
  19. MunghardsItempack
  20. [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
  21. PartyLayout
  22. WindstridesClothingPack
  23. NoTentFenceOrWatchtowerCollisions
  24. SkinInfected BleedTrail VPPNotifications Mass'sManyItemOverhaul
  25. DayZ-Expansion-Notifications
  26. PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion 2 (Military Edition)
  27. Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2
  28. Port Airdrop-Upgraded
  29. Ear-Plugs
  30. VPPAdminTools
  31. UsefulBatteries
  32. CarsPlus
  33. Base Fortifications
  35. Slots4Pack
  36. Pandemic War Vehicles Plus
  37. Trader Code Lock
  38. CF
  39. IRP-Land-Rover-Defender-110
  40. InventoryPlusPlus
  41. BetterSuppressors
  42. FIDOv PACK 4