Tip for EZ resetting an item like floating wood piles

Steps to put wood piles back on the ground :
-In events.xml set ItemPlanks "active" variable to 0.
-Run the server. Join and check they are gone.
-Disconnect. Set "active" back to 1.
-Run the server. Join and check if they're on the ground.

You can do this for anything including vehicles. Just don't set inactive vehicles to active unless you're messing around. You don't wanna hear how potato they are from your players.

For loot items you can:
-Open types.xml. Select the whole loot item from the tag "<type>" to end tag "</type>" and delete.
-Save types.xml. Run the server.
-Join the server so the mission starts. Disconnect. Shutdown server.
-hit ctrl+z in your text editor to undo so the "<type>".
-Save types.xml. Run the server.

So basically the same thing just you remove the type, run the mission so it removes the item/vehicle, enable, run again so they respawn. Done.