True roaming AI, is there still such a thing?


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All AI I've been seeing has dynamic spawns etc. Sarge had the one thing I truly loved about AI, they spawn at server start and just roam around the map never despawning.

No AI framework I've seen since has had this feature. Any of you guys know one?
that is not entirely correct. Sarge had Chernarus divided into 2km squares, imagine a tic-tac-toe board over top of the map. whenever a player entered the square, a set of east,west and civilian AI were spawned. Now 2km is rather large area so as long as ANY player was still within that spawn radius the AI would not despawn, nor would additional AI spawn for each player. But if all players left the area then those AI would despawn after a configurable amount of time (which if you set that high enough, they would never despawn I guess).

What you are asking for is extremely simple. Go into the editor and place a group of units in an area, give them some waypoints to patrol. Create a script to monitor each group of AI to respawn them if they are killed (unless you want them to stay dead so when an area is cleared, it stays safe).
Sarge used the UPSMON script for most of its functionality which is a standalone AI spawner and can handle this all for you.
Only issue is with Arma2 there is a RPT spam from the upsmon script ... something about unit names ... harmless and doesnt affect the functionality I think.


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With sarge you could make custom markers where the AI spawned on. These could cover the entire map so the way points were on the entire map.

That being said, I'll have a look at your suggestion. Adding random way points shouldn't be too difficult then.
for truly random waypoints you could do this all in a script, wouldnt require the editor. I had suggested that because I had created permanent AI in certain areas like Green Mountain that patrolled the perimeter.
So create a script that spawns in a group of AI. Set waypoint to a random location. You can create an array of locataions and choose randomly or simply use random X and random Y coordinates. The waypoint type could be 'scripted' which will run a script that randomly selects and sets their next waypoint when they reach their current waypoint. So they would constantly move from one random point to another and never despawn.