Updated Overwatch Install howto


Does anyone have an updated instructions on installing Overwatch?
I looked on YouTube and saw one that was fairly old...

this startup instructions still show pre-steam update

I have it installed and my startup.bat looks like this:
start arma2oaserver.exe -mod=@DayzOverwatch;@DayzOverwatch_Server -name=dayz_overwatch -config=dayz_overwatch\config_1234.cfg -cfg=dayz_overwatch\basic.cfg -profiles=dayz_overwatch
I have tried switching @DayzOverwatch;@DayzOverwatch_Server to @DayzOverwatch_Server;@DayzOverwatch and get the same error...

This is the error I get when a client tries to connect to the server:


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i apologize for ignoring thid post for 4 dayz, hopefully its already been fizxed.

i should make a post and,bump,it every few days that says if you dont get an answer,,come to my website and post in the shoutbox, guests can post so its quick and easy and i check it every day or more often