Vehicle Cleanup routine probs DayZ 1.8.5


I'm really not good at SQL so bear with my complete stupidity.

Something is resetting the "last_updated" field for some vehicles (only some, not all, can't figure out a pattern) over restart for some reason. After a restart, I'll find about 40-50 vehicles that have had their "last_updated" field changed to a few minutes after the restart, but they haven't moved or been respawned. This is messing with my pCleanup as it looks at the "last_updated" field to determine whether to delete them or not.

I'm guessing this is maybe my pMain routine? I don't think I have any other routines installed that could be responsible. Can anybody tell me why this routine would be randomly altering non-damaged recently spawned vehicles on my map?

Thanks in advance
why would it not be the server_monitor.sqf spawning them all,in and if they are close to some rock or tree they have to be moved a meter or so. not enough to notice, but enough to cause the last updated field to be updated.

on my phone so its hard to get a clear picture of the pmain, but there is only one datestamp and that is in the block that spawns new vehicles.

is this the "experimental vehicle spawn" system from 1.8.5? i was going to install that tonight just to look at its working.
suggestion. open hiveext.ini and find the logger section, set it to trace and then look at your hiveext.log and see if the sql vehicle updates are coming from your server. it will be tedious work, but c'est le vie
You're totally right and I just looked at that as I got the notification from your post. The hiveext shows all the changes clearly. It does it to SO MANY VEHICLES and totally screws the cleanup over.

I guess I could make new a new column or two with some other variable that could be checked instead?

Not sure about the experimental system, I'm using vilayer (not dedicated) and I think I remember seeing an option for that but in any case it's nowhere to be seen now.
well if you have an SQL doing vehicles ponds that is the experimental system. We always used a PHP script before. I don't think you need to add a column because it seems like this would have been detected before so I would think that you maybe have an error in the server monitor. something that is supposed to update the tents or bases or something but its doing all the vehicles
excuse the misspellings and try to figure out what I was writing because I am using the speech to text on my cell phone and it is partially retarded much like me
vilayers you need to edit the files in the vilayercustomcode folder. and when the server restarts, it automatically updates your edits into the mpmissions and dayz server. so ONLY edit files in the customcode folder or the changes will not work.
if you dont see anything causing this, post,your dayz server and,mission pbo's and i will drop them onto my test server and see if i can notice anything.
i want to,fool with those sql files anyways
Sorry I'm a total noob with this stuff.

I couldn't find anything in my vilayercustom code that might be responsible. Did you want to have a look at the files in the vilayercustom folder or all the files in my @DayZ folder?

Thanks for ya help!

The child calls Razor is talking about are using the hiveext.dll so you cant edit or fix those errors, have to wait for the next patch.

When you said you found the server_monitor.sqf file .. THAT is the folder that all your edits need to be done. When your server restarts it will pack those files into your dayz_server.pbo and into your mission pbo. In that vilayercustomcode should be a folder mpmissions and inside that will be a bunch and the dayz_11_chernarus is what you want .. just guessing since I can't see the files.

Here is a solution? Edit that child 306 to remove the last_updated field. Since that handles damage, your vehicle datetime will still get updated when someone gets in and drives. Off to work, will have to look at the file later and give you the correct code.