Want help to development @DayzTaviana?

The drama continues...so I thought that the non alex-version was by a load of independent guys, has it now transpired that they are working for vilayer now? It could just be that they have a webhosting account with vilayer?
What about this then?
Dunno how valid it is though, but we cant dismiss it just like that.
Vilayer is sneaky, and will bite you when you dont look, like they have done before.

Just had a chat to JB

<08:02:28> "Graz": Hey I heard you were releasing a version of Taviana? Will it be dayzland.eu or the other one?
<08:02:58> "J.B. - Vilayer.com": it has been released already
<08:03:09> "J.B. - Vilayer.com": it is not the EU version
<08:03:19> "Graz": So there is now 3 versions?
<08:04:32> "Graz": Vilayer, Dayland.eu & DayzTaviana.com?
<08:05:42> "J.B. - Vilayer.com": we are running dayztaviana.com

First suggestion would be to contact dayztaviana.com and see if you can integrate, one combined version would be amazing for the community, it would also mean pooled resources.