What is dayz lite


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Stapo, you can provide in your pack map of Taviana?
Sorry mate, but i wont ever being adding Tavi because of all the crap around it.

Also, since im posting now might aswell end it with a bang...

I personally im stopping all development of Lite as i have lost all intrest in dayz mod and also i wasnt getting enough help and support from the community.

If anyone has Good skills in Batch and SQF and will be willing to take over the Lite Project , just drop me a PM with a quick write up on what are your plans for Lite etc... also, i request that the Project name remains as Lite and i am credited for all my work.

Stapo, Signing off :)


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Stapo sorry to see you go , your server software was the only one I ran on my server and personally we never had any problems or issues with your software. My team and I hope when the standalone come out you will be back ,till then thank you for your hard work



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I just asking i use this lite and its awesome :D anyway i killing so much ppl and i cant turn in to bandit is there a time when i turn in to bandit r something i need to add to make it work or there is a number how much i need t kill...

And damn its sad to see some one going off from this :( i hope this project will going on :/