Where to find specific textures

I'm looking to model an island, but all the textures I've found, don't match what I'm looking for. And what I'm looking for, is basically the chernarus textures. I would like the island to match.

I'm a bit of a noob so I don't really know if these textures are released, or in a file within the game folders or what, so be gentle, lol!
the texture would be an image applied to a 3d model and thats not really what you want , i dont think
what kind of textures do you want? you can use the actual models of trees, rocks etc. not sure how you import those into your map though.

i would bet they are inside the map file for chernarus. not sure what that file would be but look in the custom or addons folders ...
I know how to get the trees and all, I'm just looking for the ground textures, like the grass model covering, sand, rock, and all. I'll check those folders

Thanks again!
i think the grass and actual bottom layer ground texture is procedurally generated by the 3d engine. it looks just like a scene in unity where you just select,a,ground texture and its placed as you move so you can see,it actually be drawn.

i am just guessing here, i have experience in unity, but others have asked here about map making and gotten zero help so few people know or will share. i am basing all my guesses on my knowledge of other 3d engines which i expect arma is similiar
Sorry for the delay.

Yeah, it's crazy how little people can help in this stuff. It was insane trying to learn JUST the setup, cause of all out dated articles and what not.

I appreciate all your responses and will make a huge tutorial if I ever figure out all this crap, lol!