[WIP] Sauerland


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Problem is people finding it .. since its not on Dayz Launcher, or Commander , only place I have seen is CCG .. great for them , I guess I will have to play alone lol

I think your thinking of Sahrani .. its available on both Launcher and Commander.. Sauerland appears to be getting cold shoulder.
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I am alive.. :)

Sauerland is Epoch-Default. I have created a winterversion of Sauerland with a lot of bugfixes, but the EPOCH DEVS doesn`t release a update. I never want to wait month to release a bugfix. I will release the wintermap seperatly. Interessted players can download the map from my homepage.

Note: In the future, Sauerland will be updated, but only bugfixes. my new project, the Isle Rugen has priority