[WIP] Sauerland


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the next Bugfix is live: Version 1.05.02.

Download Bugfix Version 1.05.02

- added some agricultural roads near Osterholz and Schüren
- added the first Waysigns in Fahrenbrecht like "Osterholz 14km ---->"

- missplaced buildings in Meschede fixed
- some unusual roads in Meschede fixed
- missplaced Objects in Seedorf fixed
- Vegetation from road Seedorf <--> Calle removed#
- road from Seedorf to Calle smoothed
- Objects from roads near Schmallenberg removed
- missing road in Fahrenbrecht fixed
- missplaced vegetation in Fahrenbrecht graveyard removed
- missplaced objects in Meschede fixed.
- missplaced road in Meschede fixed
- missing roadtile in Meschede fixed
- some Roads/Places fixed
- Fence in a Barn at Pos 041/119 fixed
- vegetaton in Pub at position 061/107 fixed
- Pole at 090/100 removed
- Meschede: Tulpenweg reworked

- config.cpp for fal_trafficsigns reworked
- config.cpp for buildings3 reworked
Special Thanx to BornPI for spend many Time to find Bugs and made Scripts

Pic01: German Speed Trap

Pic02: German roadnamesigns

Pic03: german village signs

Pic04: german Sidewalks wit bicycleway

More new Models and Bugfixes coming soon.



Looks great!
What tools do you use to make a map from scratch? Id like to test it out myself.


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- BI Tools V2 for Mapping and Modelling
- Photoshop CS6 with Mr.Retro Wash for Textures
- L3DT for Terrainbuilding
- NASA Worldwind for importing real Geodata



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Version 1.06.01 is online.

- Groundtexture reworked
- Some roads smoothed
- Some missplaced buildings fixed
- Some missplaced Railroad-tiles fix around arnsberg
- SOme Framekiller reworked and fixed
- added BiKeys

known bugs:
- Outside World Texture. [Looking for a solution]
- Big lake "Hennesee". The model will no work as Water. [looking for a solution]
- Some Sidewalks in Fahrenbrecht flickers. [Bugremoving in progress]

Download Mappack (Incl. BiKey): http://www.s6computer.de/KARTE/@DayZSauerland10601.rar



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Download worked, and the server is running fine with Epoch. Even got spawn points ironed out.

Bikeys still don't work when I set verifySignatures = 2 in the config though.


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When I have verifySignatures = 2 in the config the client won't accept the keys so it just forces me back to lobby.


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Is this server ready to use ?? or still in progress ?? if so where to download files for live server ?


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Ecrap .. > ? I just thought about doing a saurland.. just cant find much info on this ?? didnt go over well I guess ? lol


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sure it did, napf and saurland are the most popular epuke maps I think. Look in your @dayzEpoch mod folder and you will see the maps are included.
so just switch to the saurland mission and you should be good to go. and any poor sucker who has Epoch installed can play your server/map.