zombie agro

A nice addition would be if the zombies aggroed on AI shooting. Don't really Cate if the Npc are immune to damage from zombies , it would be more interesting if they just reacted to the gunfire.
I second this, third it and fourth it without reservation, although I do believe it's been mentioned by Sarge as a "probably never" option :D
I see this as the one and only drawback of the whole AI system. My server has only bandit AI running on it, so there will be times where we're pinned down by a patrol of bandits and trying to fight them off while a pack of zombies close to them agro on us and now we're fighting both sides. They really should agro on AI, and as the OP said, I don't care if they are immune to damage.

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I was originally with on the OP suggestion, though i kinda tried imagine how the AI would react if they got surroundet by the zombies. if you ever get the chance, try run all the way up in the AI face and see how they react. From my tries, they get very confused and either run away or lie down. Ill end up getting shot but only after they have bugged out. Now imagine a single AI shooting in Cherno or another major or minor city, he would get surroundet completly by zombies and i cant imagine that he would be able to solve that situation. And while he is running in circles shooting 1 zombie randomly every 20-30 + second he's got to be the easiest target evah to kill and loot (good luck looting though) So unless the AI can handle the zombies, im against them aggroing zombies, simply put if will be a huge nerf to the AI, and i like the AI to be hardt ones!

With that said i got so iritated at the zombies that i made it impossible for them to run at all, so its pretty much the walking dead. They still get at me sometimes (when im sniping in a building), but the zombie aspect of the game is somewhat drozzled down...
I remember using a wild_zombie.sqf awile back from morox script alongside the sarges AI the zeds were attracted to the gun fire from the ai and ran over to them but as for attacking them it didnt work. dont know if this would help anyone come up with an idea. though this was before some updates to the ai scripts when i got it working like that


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Ive used other frameworks in the past that did allow Z's to aggro on AI. Basically they get surrounded but take no damage. They shoot all of the zombies, but they prioritize human players. Its kind of dumb, also the zombies still prefer real players and will stop attacking the AI and come after you. Would be neat if they could die from Z's otherwise its just dumb
I'm looking for this feature as well. If I find time in-between other projects I will see if I can get this going. Most likely though it's going to take modifiction to the base DayZ code.


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I would prefer if they're going to agro to the AI, then they also should do damage. Having seen it before, it looks stupid when the AI is surrounded by a herd of zombies and they're just standing there getting shot, with more running in. Then the AI spots you, lays down casually all the while surrounded by zombies, and shoots you.
Oh yeah, that is most certainly what the objective is. The issue is though that the change will probably have to be with the Zed's and not the AI. So at least a portion of the code change is going to have to be in the DayZ Code for the Zeds. I haven't even begun to look at yet so I don't know if the changes will be able be put into the mission or server pbo's and a redirection done. Going to be working most of this week on another project with what ever free time I have so don't expect an update from me on this until next week some time.
I ran across this but haven't had any real luck. I want to merge it to work with sarge AI then lower the chance of AI in towns. This would add a huge benefit to low pop servers. Seeing AI being chased by zeds would add some diff not knowing who is who.