Change weather server side.

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  1. linkinx

    linkinx Member

    So, some of my clan mates hate rain in the server, so after doing some research and with help from the irc, I managed to make it sunny and no rain at all, this can all be tweaked to your needs.

    first decompile the dayz_code.pbo
    1- in the init folder get the compiles.sqf and copy it to your mission file.
    2- in the external folder get the DynamicWeatherEffects and copy it to your mission file.
    3- in your init.sqf of your mission file change this line
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf";
    to be
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "compiles.sqf";
    4- in compiles.sqf change this line
    execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\external\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf";
    to be
    execVM "DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf";
    tweak your DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf how ever you want it, this will overwrite the client dynamicweather, therefore making it even for everyone.

    repack it and deploy, I have been testing for 5 hours now, and still sunny with no rain. I set my overcast to be 0.5 and rain to 0

    I hope this helps.
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  2. fecund1

    fecund1 New Member

    very helped. thanks alot.
  3. vRNemesis

    vRNemesis New Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by "copy to your mission file", where is this?

    Is that the mission folder in the dayzbliss repository? If so, I assume I put the files in mission > world > takistan (map I use), and edit that init.sqf?

    And if so, do I just copy the compiles and DynamicWeatherEffects files, or do I need to delete them from the dayz_code and repack?

    Sorry for all the questions, I've been trying every which way, and cannot get it to work. I set the _maximumFog to 0 in the dynamicweathereffects.sqf but there's still thick fog and cannot see past the normal 1000m.
  4. Doc

    Doc Valued Member!

    Trying this now :) Looks good!
  5. hobart666

    hobart666 New Member

    Link first off, ty for the howto, secondly im having some problems mainly similar to nemesis exactly what do you mean by "1- in the init folder get the compiles.sqf and copy it to your mission file.
    2- in the external folder get the DynamicWeatherEffects and copy it to your mission file." I'm not sure if you mean open these files with notepad++ and copy the contents into the mission.sqm file or what?? Also I have tried using eliteness to open the pbo and pull those other files and modify the weather one to my liking and place them back into their respective folders and use you istructions to edit the init file and when i run the server it starts fine until i try to join then it gives the error \z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf not found. aaaand it is in there. Ive also tried leaving the init.sqf as-is and get the same error. Please help, as getting this working would make my century!!
  6. ProtossMaster

    ProtossMaster New Member


    He means adding it to the mission PBO.

    So for example, to copy compiles.sqf and copy it to your mission file means to unpack the mission file and add the compiles.sqf to the list of files to be packed back up to make your PBO mission file.


    Same thing for #1

    If you do not have a PBO editor, I recommend

    You have to unpack a PBO file, then edit it's contents. Then you repack it.
  7. hobart666

    hobart666 New Member

    Ok thanks alot, I've figured out how to successfully unpack and re-pack without errors (unpack and re-pack on a comp thats not got arma on it) And Im using that crosire's dayzcc which is a bit odd here & there I cant find the actual mission .pbo file if anyone else uses this very software and knows which pbo is the mission pbo for the first instance chernarus in this dayzcc think please let me know. this seems to be the only thing standing in my way, the actual mission.pbo (for the record ive searched the entire disc for a chernarus.pbo and found one in the arma 2 operation arrowhead/addons folder is this the mission file i need to add this all to?
  8. axeman

    axeman OpenDayZ Rockstar!

    hmm, personally I like the overcast and bad weather. I think it adds to the fear and general end of world atmosphere. How to add snow to that :)

    I have snow running permanently on my server using the snow thread from this forum, and as a step in learning scripting. Looks like it could be added in as a dynamic weather event.
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  9. dayz10000

    dayz10000 Member

    anyone have issues with this causing vehicle repairs to not work (but eat the part) or be massively delayed?
  10. linkinx

    linkinx Member

    none of those, and it should not matter, this script does not touch any of those mechanics.
  11. Audio Rejectz

    Audio Rejectz Well-Known Member

    You dont even have to setrain to 0, the way this works it cant rain if setovercast is below o.7
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  12. axeman

    axeman OpenDayZ Rockstar!

    I haven't noticed any issues, have taken it off for now, would like to add it to the weather cycle. Maybe only allowing snow at certain times and on random would do for now.
  13. Osiris

    Osiris New Member

    hi, i have a DayZ.ST server and as such only have access to DayZ_mission.pbo and DayZ_server.pbo

    is there anyway to set the weather to always clear/not cloudy using either of those 2 files?
  14. Keegan666

    Keegan666 New Member

    Hey Osiris, Download the Default Mission.pbo, and that is the one you want to edit and upload under the advanced settings of dayzst. :)
  15. Osiris

    Osiris New Member

    cant find the "in the init folder get the compiles.sqf"
    or "in the external folder get the DynamicWeatherEffects"

    it says to "decompile the dayz_code.pbo" to get those^ i dont have access to the dayz_code.pbo

    also forgot to mention i am running DayZ 2017
  16. Keegan666

    Keegan666 New Member

    Please bare with me before my morning coffee, Dayz Code "stuff "would be in Server.PBO

    from the looks of it (once again before coffee) you may have to edit Both
    and Mission.PBO
  17. linkinx

    linkinx Member

    You only do the changes on the mission file, you get the weather script from dayz_code(client side).
  18. linkinx

    linkinx Member

    I am not sure how DayZ 2017 is structured, but I am guessing they do have the files, the dayz_code.pbo is on the client side.
  19. Osiris

    Osiris New Member

    doh! ofc it is, i feel thick now... thanks linkinx. will take a look when i get home from work :)

    Edit: yey got it working easily once i new where to copy the files from :) thanks again linkinx
  20. m1lkm8n

    m1lkm8n Member

    Ok two questions.

    Can't I unpbo change the weather then repack signed with my own key since I'm in the process of fitting this to my island I'm making?

    Also has anyone figured out how to add the snow effect directly into the dynamic weather sqf?

    My island is winterized so I disabled rain and want only snow to fall randomly

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