Taviana 3.0 Update

Discussion in 'Taviana' started by Hicks_206, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Hicks_206

    Hicks_206 DayZ Developer Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    First off, I apologize for the radio silence over the last week or so - as some of you know I work in game development and the last few weeks have been very hectic for me across several projects, on top of GDC and PAX East landing this month.

    In addition, our principle developer has been hammered with work on his end as well - we're still piecing together the last bits before pushing the new server and client packages via DZC and dayztaviana.com

    Currently left on the to do list:

    • Removing bans on items banned in that do not match with the design of DayZ Taviana
    • Deploying vehicle part scavenge scripts
    • Deploying new player skin lootable items
    What *IS* complete:

    • DayZ Mod integration
    • Environment art updates
    • USEC Bell Integration + Fixes
    • Vodnik Balance Tweaks
    We're hoping to have everything buttoned up in time for the Survivor GameZ Season 1 Quarter Finals at the end of the month.
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  2. Richie

    Richie Valued Member!

    Fantastic news :D
    I had doubts about a Tavi 3.0 release coming and i'm glad i was wrong, thank you for the update Hicks :)
  3. wingnut

    wingnut New Member

    Thanks for the update, Hicks! integration: Does this include loading CCP assets before DayZ code, thus effectively re-banning the items/gear/vehicles/skins that have been available for some time?
  4. Saethkept

    Saethkept Well-Known Member

    Thank you much Mr. Hicks for assuaging our concerns over a Tavi 3.0 release. I know I am one of many who check this board daily for word on the update.

    Any way you could create an exit from the soccer field into the stands at the stadium in Lypestock? It would make one heck of a refugee camp;)
  5. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    good to hear Hicks, i love you so much :oops::D
  6. nerdalertdk

    nerdalertdk Member

    Hi man u rock
  7. Noxious

    Noxious New Member

    Awesome news
  8. rusk

    rusk Member

    Oh man thats fantastic news!
    Thank you so much for getting back to us with that amazing update.
    Glad to hear the development is still a go. :)
  9. Quarterbreed

    Quarterbreed Well-Known Member

    I hope stapo puts 3.0 on his lite pack, if not does it work with pwnz pack?
  10. NerdsWBNerds

    NerdsWBNerds New Member

    Hicks, have you, or would you pleeeassseeeee remove the school building from the Taviana map. To specify, it's the school building directly next to the firestation on the NE side of Sabina. Not just this one location, but anywhere it's located on the map. It needs to be removed because it literally kills your FPS. If you're running 70 FPS and look in the direction of this building it knocks you down to 20. It's ridiculous and this one little things angers me soo much with Taviana. Please remove it in 3.0 and make lots of people who hate random fps drops because of a single building happy.
  11. nerdalertdk

    nerdalertdk Member

    Please add street lighting
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  12. Noxious

    Noxious New Member

    New skins would be excellent...

    And yeah, reduce the rate zombies spawn in Sabina or something, ANYTHING to fix that damn FPS hog
  13. Rywenski

    Rywenski New Member

    I'm would like to see it on reality

    Great work Hicks
  14. Quarterbreed

    Quarterbreed Well-Known Member

    or even on pwnz ESI pack would be great
  15. OMG_DigitalKid

    OMG_DigitalKid New Member

    Not only in Sabina, in Byelov is the exact same Building which causing huge FPS drops.
  16. leepfrog

    leepfrog New Member

    Thanks for the heads up! Our players are already waiting :)
  17. Blacksparrow

    Blacksparrow New Member

    Just wanted to know a quick question, will taviana 3.0 be availble through Dayz commander? or will i have to load it myself as a server ? cheers in advance!
  18. Nonov Urbizniz

    Nonov Urbizniz OpenDayZ Rockstar! Staff Member

    I thought this was do-able now? I've run a .eu server MONTHS back and you get in/out of the soccer stadium and from the field into the stands... the field into the stands it doesn't look like you can get through but you can. (unless that was "fixed" as it appeared to be a "no clipping" zone where you would walk right through the wall).
  19. Nonov Urbizniz

    Nonov Urbizniz OpenDayZ Rockstar! Staff Member

    DayZ Commander is for client files so not sure what your question is? But every time Taviana guys have updated their client/server files dayzcommander and playwithsix both get the updated client side so users can play.

    I'm not sure how they deal with their server file releases but I believe there is a github repository you just DL the updated files once available and then UL them to your server... That should be it...
    IMO it's not worth fretting over until the files are released... just give them some space to work in peace and get everything done right...

    It's not like we're talking about Dean Hall length delays or silence... The Taviana guys have been trucking along and dealing with a LOT of BS for what really is a selfless contribution of time, effort, and money to all of us without any expectation of a return...
  20. Saethkept

    Saethkept Well-Known Member


    I have recently run both a Tavi.eu and .com server, and on both map versions one sorta can get into the stadium stands by repeatedly running against a texture or polygon seam from the soccer field. Same with getting back onto the field from the stands. However, it is a lengthy, hit or miss process which has also resulted in a broken leg or two during the attempt. What I would like to see is an actual passage through which players can pass from the field to the stands in back.

    On one server, I added scaffolding on the soccer field to allow this passage more easily, but of course it did not look right.

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